For My Parents With Love In The Beautiful Landscape of The Singapore Botanic Gardens

My Parents at the Singapore Botanic Gardens

My 74 years old dad said the funniest thing.  He told me that these days when he went fishing, along the harbor of Hong Kong, young photographers often take him as their photo subject.  And in his tone of reminisce he said, “When I was a young photographer I was doing the same.  Now that I am an old man, it’s my turn [to be photographed by the strangers]”.  We all laughed.  But on what?  We don’t know.  I don’t know.  I don’t want my dad to be old.  I want everything to stay the same.

Reality is, we all get older as time goes by.  Decades ago I was my dad’s photography subject.  Who doesn’t like to see little babies, little kids, so full of innocence, so full of joy on pictures, on prints?  Decades later my parents have become my photography subject.  Kids and old folks – the two most common picks for the photographers on human portraits.  It is the innocence and the wisdom; it is the sign of creation and the mark of time; it is a blank story book filled with possibilities and a memoir that inspires.

Why the Singapore Botanic Gardens?  It’s rare that both my parents are in town, thanks to my sister’s wedding.  It is the green and the fresh air, the flowers and the butterflies.  My family loves to visit parks.  Back when I was in Hong Kong.  A tradition that I still carry with me today.  Some of the happiest moments of my life happen in the parks.

That’s why.

For the viewing of a personal photo collection dedicated to my parents, please click here.

P.S. An entry written with my Nokia N96 the sms style hours before my sister’s wedding dinner at a cafe at China Square Central while waiting for Cynthia’s make up session at Raffle City to be done, synchronised with Nokia free OVI service using the free Wireless@SG wi-fi network.

10 responses to “For My Parents With Love In The Beautiful Landscape of The Singapore Botanic Gardens”

  1. You brought them to the right place, our Botanical Gardens is beautiful, airy, has lots of greenery and wide open spaces!

    I took lots of photos of my son. I wonder if he would take photos of me when I’m older. Now he doesn’t even feel comfortable taking photos with his parents. 🙂

    Bring your parents around the little island for some sightseeing and local food. Our places of attraction are offering good discounts now!

  2. ECL – I am pretty sure he would love to take photos of you and your hubby once he gets a little older 🙂

    I wish we had more time but my parents had to fly back yesterday. So maybe I shall save all the little island sightseeing and good food for another trip then.

  3. Tigerfish – What other things happened in the park for me?

    As a kid, I remember visiting park has always been a happy experience because my parents never argue when they are in a park, always so loving holding hands. They would be looking over me while I was playing in the playground and once in a while I would fall and bruise myself. And they would tender to my bleeding knees or legs or elbows.

    And then my sister came along and four of us would spend a peaceful day at a park away from all the stress in town. The living condition in Hong Kong could be quite suffocating for some.

  4. Such a great write-up Wilfred and I totally embrace your thoughts and feelings about the precious kinship each one of us are bestowed with. Love the fantastic shots too. Are you sure you are not a professional photopgrapher or do you just have a great expensive camera? 🙂

  5. Kelvin – Thanks for dropping by and glad to here that you too can relate.

    And no, I am not a professional photographer. But yes, I think I have a rather great rather expensive camera – the rationale of such an irrational decision can longer be recalled … ha ha ha.

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