So Many Boats, In The Beautiful Island of Mallorca (Majorca)

Cynthia and I in Mallorca

If you are one of the handful of readers who follow this Sunday series, you probably wonder, where am I in the photos?  I am often not that keen to go in front of the camera.  Happy to stay behind the viewfinder instead.  And all of a sudden, in day 11, I put my tripod into action.  A bit late I know.  But better then never, eh?

Interestingly, out of this handful of readers who often drop a comment or two at my site (thank you!), one is traveling from Singapore to Hong Kong for holiday, with his wife.  And another one is traveling from Hong Kong to Singapore for holiday, also with his wife.  Well, bros, take some good photos and have a good family outing.  I look forward to seeing your photo albums!

Mallorca, or Majorca in English, is a beautiful island.  The beach, the boats, the blue sky, the lake, and the mountains.  It is a perfect destination for the cyclists too.  No wonder Mallorca is such a popular vocation destination for the Europeans.  To read more about our road trip in Mallorca.

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3 thoughts on “So Many Boats, In The Beautiful Island of Mallorca (Majorca)”

  1. Yeah that’s what a good tripod for! To include the poor photographer in the pictures instead of hiding in anonimity. Anyway, after all the trouble we take to lug the damn thing around, it better show some real ROI!

    Love these Spain photos of yours! Tomorrow, we shall be heading to Macau, if the weather holds up and the Typhoon does not go beyond level 3!

    1. Darkspore – That’s true! Talking about ROI, make sure you take plenty of photos eh? Typhoon now in Hong Kong? Time for some great typhoon shots!

      Have a good trip to Macau. I love that place. Hope you and your wife will enjoy Macau too. The food! Don’t forget to try the Portuguese food. Like those tarts. And also Chinese food and desserts.

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