This Is The End Of The Spain Holiday Series

At San Salvador

I wish I could save the best for the last.  But my favorite photo album is still the journal of the previous day.  Followed by the “Jelly Fish” post that some of my friends refer to.

The writing of this set of journal have been one helluva journey.  A total of more then 22,000 words not counting the associated blog entries and close to 600 photographs.  And this blog entry is dedicated to the regular readers of this series (and my website).  Without your support, I reckon I would gave up halfway.  So, thank you.

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So Many Boats, In The Beautiful Island of Mallorca (Majorca)

Cynthia and I in Mallorca

If you are one of the handful of readers who follow this Sunday series, you probably wonder, where am I in the photos?  I am often not that keen to go in front of the camera.  Happy to stay behind the viewfinder instead.  And all of a sudden, in day 11, I put my tripod into action.  A bit late I know.  But better then never, eh?

Interestingly, out of this handful of readers who often drop a comment or two at my site (thank you!), one is traveling from Singapore to Hong Kong for holiday, with his wife.  And another one is traveling from Hong Kong to Singapore for holiday, also with his wife.  Well, bros, take some good photos and have a good family outing.  I look forward to seeing your photo albums!

Mallorca, or Majorca in English, is a beautiful island.  The beach, the boats, the blue sky, the lake, and the mountains.  It is a perfect destination for the cyclists too.  No wonder Mallorca is such a popular vocation destination for the Europeans.  To read more about our road trip in Mallorca.

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Traveling To The Beach Resort Island, A Prelude to Mallorca

A view near the hotel Mar Azul

The color of this photo is taken straight from my camera, a faithful reproduction of the beautiful sea view that we saw.  I have been contemplating if I shall combine the day 10 and 11 entries into one as I didn’t manage to take many photos that day, for circumstances that you will read later.  But since day 11 and 12 – the last 2 entries of the series – are pretty heavy with some real good contents (I promise), I shall leave day 10 entry as it is – like a prelude.  A bit light on the photo album (sorry!).  The journal, nevertheless, is as meaty as ever (kekeke).

As such, below are the options you may wish to read more about our first day in Mallorca.

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Madrid, It’s Madrid!

Cynthia on the top of a Cathedral in Madrid

Recently, I met up with one reader of my website, for a movie by an actress we both adore.  And he brought along with him a photo album of his recent overseas trip, shot using the camera that I recommended.  He had some questions in mind but I am far from being a pro.  Nevertheless, I was happy to share my experience with him.

I enjoy seeing a photo album of family and friends.  That is what I love to do; and that is what I love to see.  Specifically, I enjoy seeing the connection between the subjects and the photographer.  Personally, I find it hard to photograph subjects that I cannot relate.  Back to my new friend, we had such a good time.  He is a bright young man with great drive.  Certainly someone with a promising future.

Time flies.  Since when it doesn’t?  Some friends of mine start to ask, “How many more days to go?”.  Each Sunday, I publish a mini article on one day of my recent holiday trip to Spain.  Each article takes me any time between 8 hours to 16 hours to complete.  It must be quite an effort to follow this mini series of mine, as much as the effort I pour into each article.  The answer is: three more days to go.  And I am looking forward to the 26th of September, whereby I will take a break from the 12 weekends of non-stop publication of this travel blog.

Day 9, we toured Madrid.  You know how some days you pick up your camera and feel that every shot you make is just great.  Some days, you keep trying for different settings and still not quite getting it.  Day 9 turns out to be quite a challenging day for me.  Maybe the sun was too strong.  Maybe I was messing around with the flash setting trying to do something different.  I thank Cynthia for being so patience, standing under the sun for those multiple shots of the same pose, same scene.  Till her nose bled.

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A Museum Crawling Day In The City Of Madrid

Inside the Queen Sofia Museum

Throughout this series thus far, you have seen pictures of the Churches and the monuments, of the road trips, and even those of the bizarre creatures and the futuristic buildings from Valencia.  On the 8th days, we dedicated the entire Sunday touring museums in Madrid.

Cynthia and I love to spend time inside a museum.  I reckon if we spend enough time inside museums, we could sharpen our sense of art appreciation.  I am not sure how museums are run in Singapore (perhaps we shall explore).  In Spain, Audio Guide rental services are provided.  We think Audio Guide is a wonderful innovation.  It is a headset that comes with a keypad.  At a given location, observe the numeric label besides the artwork, punch in the numbers, and listen to the commentary playback through the headset in the language of your choice.  We have learned how to appreciate cubism and realism.  And we have also learned what questions to ask when admiring art models in 3D.

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