This Is The End Of The Spain Holiday Series

At San Salvador

I wish I could save the best for the last.  But my favorite photo album is still the journal of the previous day.  Followed by the “Jelly Fish” post that some of my friends refer to.

The writing of this set of journal have been one helluva journey.  A total of more then 22,000 words not counting the associated blog entries and close to 600 photographs.  And this blog entry is dedicated to the regular readers of this series (and my website).  Without your support, I reckon I would gave up halfway.  So, thank you.

To read more about our last day of our trip in Mallorca …

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8 thoughts on “This Is The End Of The Spain Holiday Series”

        1. Darkspore – Ah ok. For me, the first association is the people from the Scottish Highlands. But then, I guessed it was the movie you were referring to.

          I ought to watch that movie again, lol.

  1. Hey you da best man when it comes to detailed travel biographies complete with photographs and narratives. I have also been trying to document my travels and visits as much as possible, but it hasn’t always been possible due to limitations of time. 🙁 Well, keep going at it and let’s spur each other on!

    1. Walter – Ah, you are too kind! I enjoy reading your travel journal too (amongst other things). Yes, finding time is hard. As always. Just need to creatively look for slacks here and there I suppose … ha ha ha.

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