Team Singapore Won BRANDS Blogger Challenge, And I Was There

In the morning of the blogger challenge I woke up feeling fresh, popped one bottle of BRANDS, opened up the training kits provided, and started looking at the exercises while I was ironing my shirt.  Sheylara has worked through all these exercises and more for the past 2 weeks.  I flipped through the sheets of exercises in between my starching and ironing, staring at one rather high-end Sudoku I said to myself … Uh-oh.

Five of us for the ‘Team Singapore’ met at the Coffee Bean that I happen to visit every morning and the friendly lady from Burson-Marsteller was explaining to us what the competition would be like in between my cup of caramel latte and warm scone and my fiddling with my new toy (camera).  I must have got her quite stressed up due to my lack of concentration.  Sorry!

And while I was distracted by my own camera, the rest of the Singapore bloggers unanimously appointed me as the team captain.  Huh?!

But with a team of such talent – EastCoastLife, Mr. Endoh, Aaron Ng, and Sheylara – my job was easy.

The Malaysian bloggers actually flew into Singapore the day before for this challenge!  Wow, I thought it was going to be hosted over the Internet via a webcam.  And it was with great pleasure to have met these very popular bloggers here in Singapore.  I have a lot of respect for them.  Did the Malaysia government recently jail a blogger or something like that?  How brave they are to blog in such an environment.

Of all the questions the press has asked me after the competition, my favorite would be: What came into your mind when the Singapore team was lagging behind? 

Singapore Table Tennis Team at the Olympic (if you know how much I love my country, I was more referring to their fighting spirit than anything else)? Hmmm.

Below 33 photos were taken jointly by EastCoastLife’s hubby and I.

Round 1 – a game of arranging random alphabets into a word – our team was having one point lead against Team Malaysia.  Round 2 – a set of mathematics puzzles – was a draw.  Round 3 required us to watch a BRANDS commercial and memorized the key frames.  And we lost a gazillion number of points to the Malaysians on that one game.  Oh no!

Round 4 was yet another one-on-one challenge to guess the missing words in one sentence (like ‘the 12 S of the Z’ … what are the S and Z?).  I did a mental calculation that we needed five straight wins from the five of us in order to marginally reverse the trend.  I tried to steady our team; we did our best in that round but that didn’t happen; we were still behind.

Onto round 5 of 7 and things were not looking good to the Singapore team.  It was yet another group challenge and if we were to lose this round, we would have little chance to win the competition.  Immediately, I practiced what I preached when the host asked about our strategy: I popped another BRANDS Chicken Essence on the spot.

In round 5,  We had to form as many words as possible with the letters given (believe it or not I actually formed the word “porn” and someone asked if there was such a word … they must be shocked).  We gave it all that we have, filled the entire board with as many words as we could humanly think.  I have to give it to the Malaysians that some of their words formed are pretty original.  The judge summed up the words and we had more!


Round 6 was bizarre.  It was some sort of computer game that we have to focus on the movements on the screen.  We won some, we lost some, and onto the final round, Team Singapore had the lead but anything could happen.

Another video was played, questions were asked, before we arrived at the final question, we knew we did just enough to clinch onto the title.  Nevertheless, Sheylara took the last question, which I thought was kind of very tough (a faint banner in the video background with the words “Robot Soccer Club” or something like that). She did observe the details and got that right.

Gosh!  You go girl!

Maybe it was the Chicken Essence we took, maybe it was the home ground advantage, maybe because all of us were having fun (EastCoastLife and I constantly jumped off our chairs whenever we gained points), I am happy to take home the grand cash price + more BRANDS products as well as a T-shirt I wore with that little Singapore flag stitched onto the sleeve.  I love that shirt!  It’s the flag more than anything else!

Thank you for reading.  And thank you BRANDS and Burson-Marsteller for the invitation – a very well-run and fun event, EastCoastLife for the nomination and her hubby to help up with the photography, great meeting the Malaysian bloggers Red Mummy, Sultan Mufazzar, KY, Suanie, and Capt’n Hook who was standing in for Babe in the City – KL.  Yes, we shall meet the next time I drive up!  And thanks for all the warm wishes from my friends and families too.

Above all, congratulations to my teammates, you have done us proud!

PS. To whom I promised to send your photos to … please drop me an email and add me in the Facebook just in case I don’t recognize your name.

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  1. hi Wilfrid,

    permission to copy the games details, will definitely credit yours. sorry la dude, got back last nite, too tired to think further on the games.

    can yeah?

  2. hehhe. congrats 😉

    RPK was jailed because he claimed to have evidence that our deputy prime minister, aka unofficial prime minister in waiting was heavily involved in the murder of the mongolian chick. or was it his tendency to anger a certain group of extra conservative muslims? hehe i don’t have any such evidence so not that scared lah 🙂

  3. Suanie – True true … but still … for instance, I have this tendency to just blurb things out. Something wrong with my filtering system. Had I been a Malaysia blogger, that would have been pretty … scary … ha ha ha.

  4. ECL – Yes we did … lol. Kind of funny that both of us were jumping up and down whenever we gained points. The event seems so far away now, now that everything is back to normal. I wonder why … ha ha ha.

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