Goodbye / Letting Go I Cannot – A Doodle

I have to rush this post off as year 2020 is coming into an end.

Some say I am a dreamer. I do not disagree. As a creative person, I – not sure if should I be taking pride or it is really nothing special – tend to see things in a different light, a different perspective. My artwork is not spiritual in nature. There is no strong value per se. Just an observation of the world outside and the world within.

There are two titles for this drawing. (1) Goodbye and (2) Letting Go I Cannot.

Because I fantasize and with the thirst of wanting to explore the endless possibilities, I dream. Maybe one day I could publish a novel, a good one that people would read for ages. Maybe one day I could buy a house in Mauritius and live by the beach.

Maybe one day …

But of course, with every dream, you would need a plan to bring that to reality. That is something I need to work on.

The more I think, the more I dream …

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