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  • Take You To The Moon / Wild Passion – Two Doodles

    Towards the end of 2020, I have explored a different art direction. My interpretation of cubism, which requires precision. Hence, I have switched to papers for marker pens. Somehow, I still miss the fine-grain heavyweight paper that I used to draw with. Sure, that consumes more ink and the paper is harsh to the marker […]

  • Home-cooked Food – A Cubism Doodle

    Modern-day photography and videography capture a snippet of life. The reality in its entirety often leaves little for our imagination. Call me old school. I still prefer words and drawings. Such artwork too captures a snippet of life yet leaves much for the imagination. An alternative reality within the realm of actuality. A private interpretation […]

  • Snails & Escargots – A Cubism Doodle

    I remember Freddy. He was a fellow Hongkonger whom I have met back in my university days. It was his first year in the UK, still imbued with Hong Kong culture. While for me, I had been soaked in Western culture for two years ahead of him. Hanging out with him was an interesting experience. […]

  • An Ox – A Cubism Doodle

    I have always been intrigued by Cubism artworks. I could admire them for hours in a museum. Lately, an unspeakable emotion from within has ignited my passion to venture into art forms that are different from my own, yet enabling me to apply my personal techniques. I wanted to draw an ox. This is the […]

  • Into the Souls When Reality Meets Fantasy – A Doodle

    Some say that our eyes are windows to our souls. When we look into each other’s eyes long enough and when the conditions are right, perhaps it is possible to get a glimpse of what lies inside. That very soul reaching concept forms the foundation of what I wish to articulate in this drawing. Two […]