Category: Reflection

  • Summer Blog Episode 3 – My Table In My Primary School

    My memory of my primary school life has been fuzzy.  Of the few fragments that I remember, there were those wooden tables that we used at school, unlike perhaps the fine furniture students use today.  The surface though smooth, was uneven.  You could trace the texture of the wood and you could see the little […]

  • “When I Was 18” – A Spanish Homework

    “When I Was 18” – that was the topic of our Spanish homework.  In fact, our teacher Natalia left the age to be open.  It could well be when I was 16, when I was 24, when I was 30, when I was … OK, let’s stop here.  I mean, when I was 16, my life […]

  • Alcohol And I – A Story Of Our 2 Years Of Separation, Thus Far

    Last weekend, I have quietly celebrated the 2-year anniversary of not having a single drop of alcohol in my blood stream.  I even faked drinking that glass of champagne on stage, during my friend’s wedding when I was the emcee and my sister’s wedding in Hong Kong and in Singapore.  Of the many questions I have received over […]

  • Is Liking What We Get A Resignation To Life Or The Key To Contentment?

    My favorite writer Doris Lessing once wrote: We learn to like what we get.  Seven simple words so accurately describe our current state of affair, in so many different dimensions.  But yet when I shared this revelation with a friend, her immediate response was: That’s called resignation to life.  Such is the beauty of literature. […]

  • New Theme This Year: Be Committed And Do It NOW

    Happy 2010!  How did you celebrate the New Year Eve?  Initially, Cynthia and I wanted to celebrate the countdown in a Spanish way: to eat twelve grapes, one on each chime of the clock.  Alas!  At the checkout counter of a grocery store, a few days before the New Year Eve, Cynthia asked if we […]