The Entire 2012 Korean Trip Photo Album Is Out!

Update 2019.08.25 – Since the demise of Google+, I have been working on retrieving some of the posts from the archive. This entry has been edited to restore the original messages while keeping the mood and tune as it was back in 2012. The photo albums can be found in via this link.

I know I have not been paying as much attention to this website as I used to be.  The truth is that I have not stopped blogging.  Just that I am doing so more often at Google+ instead.  There is something amazing on that social platform.

Now back to our Korean holiday last year, I have finally finished processing all the pictures and have them mostly published at Google+.  Photo processing takes time mainly due to the fact that I put captions on each photo that is worth publishing.  And adding captions require fact checking and constantly referring to my diary (and my terrible, terrible handwriting doesn’t help).  My goal is to be able to view the photograph and read the captions in the future so as to relive the moments.

Jeongbang Waterfall

As always, the links to the photo albums can be found in here.  Below are the journal entries for each day of our travel, documented in Google+.  Thank you for reading and browsing!

Day 2 Gyeongbokgung Palace

On day 2 of our trip to Korea this year, we have visited Gyeongbokgung Palace. We visit European palaces often on our overseas trips. Besides the one we have visited in Thailand, this one in Korea has to be the second Asian palace we have visited.

Full of traditions and stories, we enjoyed the little tour. The sky was cloudy and later, rained. So we did not do too much inside the palace. Nonetheless, we have got much covered.

Day 3 Jeongju

On day 3 of our trip to Korea, we have visited the UNESCO heritage site Jeonju 240km south of Seoul. We took a free bus – 3 hours trip – departing at 8 am and returning at 5 pm.

It was a sunny day, though it got cloudy and really freezing as the sun hide behind the thick cloud.

Jeonju has plenty of traditional architecture called Hanok housing. It is a land with 1,253 years of history.

Day 6 Seongsan Sunrise Peak / Manjanggul Cave

The first day in Jeju Korea, Cynthia and I have decided to visit the two UNESCO sites – Sunrise Peak and Majanggul Cave – as well as Museum of Women Divers.

The weather was … less than perfect. So, when the weather is ugly, from a photographer’s point of view, there are a couple of things he or she can do. Focus on the model, stay indoors, and go underground.

We did all three 🙂

Day 7 Jeju Love Land

Happy 2013! Day 7, we have visited Jeju Loveland. A sculpture theme park based on sensuality and eroticism. 

Day 8 Jeju Museum of Sex and Health

Some have asked what is the difference between the Museum of Sex and Health and Loveland (which I have previously shared).

Well, Loveland mainly displays sculptures of sensuality meets eroticism. Museum of Sex and Health started with a series of statistics and information with regards to sex (in Korea I presume as it is written in Korean and I don’t understand). The museum also has an extensive collection of sex-related handicraft from all over the world. I was very much impressed with the breadth of the collection. Then there were life-size mannequins that depicted different sexual fantasies, which I thought was very creepy. And, a film on how to make love (as well as some vintage sex clips). At the end of the indoor exhibition, there were paintings by local artists that I enjoyed viewing.

Above all, I love the outdoor sculptures decorated in front of this museum.

Day 9 World Cup Stadium

Day 9 of our Korea holiday, Cynthia and I have decided to take it easy, wake up late, and visit the World Cup Stadium nearby. There is a direct bus from our apartment to the stadium, which is also next to a hypermarket, a food court, and some restaurants.

We also took the opportunity to take couple-photographs using a tripod. One thing I love about using a tripod is that – besides having photographs of us together – every photograph is proper and balanced. Little processing is required. They are straight as it is, perspective is just right.

Day 11 Seongeup Folk Village

How time flies! I have no idea why I took such a long break in photo processing. Well, here are the photographs taken during day 11 of our Korea holiday … last year.

Seongeup Folk Village is located at the southwest of Jeju Island. It is an old inland village whereby in the past, was the administrative center of the island. While there are some buildings and structures that are open to the public, most are houses that people still live inside!

Wonderful experience it was. The weather was good on that day too!

Day 12 Jeongbang Waterfall, Korea (Jeju)

For those of you who are following our Korea travel blog album, this is the last of the series! Though that day seems so far away (unfortunately it takes me a long time to process an album), I still remember vividly how excited my wife and I were to finally tour somewhere right next to our apartment, without the need to call for a taxi and try to flag one without knowing the language.

The walk to Jeongbang Waterfall was pleasant. The waterfall is the only one in Asia that the waterfalls directly onto the sea. Now, I am unsure why such rarity. It probably means that if you were to skinny dip near Jeongbang Waterfall, the water would be salty to the taste.

After visited the waterfall, we continued – on foot – to visit the town nearby. Attracted by the photographs of some noodle dishes displayed in front of a restaurant, we have picked a place for lunch. The dish turned out to be cold (in winter!). Lesson learned, don’t anyhow order food by the cover. The irony is that the owner of the restaurant spoke Chinese but I don’t (I speak Cantonese besides some very broken Spanish).

The little town Seogwipo was charming. Spent 6 hours strolling the streets, we have circulated the “art route” twice, visited a church, and in the end, we were seated at a park to pass time, waiting for a good hour for dinner.

The dinner was sort of anti-climax. We ordered something so gross that till today, we are still trying hard to forget having eaten it.

Oh well.

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