Passing Our Spanish Beginner 2 Exam at Las Lilas with Flying Colors!

Our Spanish Certificates

Hard earned, certainly, from that rather challenging Spanish test we had – at least from my point of view.  That one scene of 1-on-1 oral test with a Spanish teacher whom was not from our class still haunts me today.  But I scored a 86% while Cynthia managed to score 95%.  95%?!  How did she do that?  To me, it was pure hard work as my talent in linguistic is limited.  I even brought along the Spanish textbooks and practiced Spanish during our holiday trip to Bandung.  Our buddy TK can write a testimony on that.

I am happy with a score of 86% from a Spanish test that covers oral, listening, and writing.  Personally, although I dread exams, I welcome the discipline of little checkpoints along the journey.  Not to be too philosophical on a Saturday, we ought to – or rather I ought to – look for opportunities to put ourselves to various tests.  Maybe I shall enter a photography competition, maybe our band should record a demo album and distribute, maybe I shall …

… cook a 10 course dinner to a party of 12 … (and see who call the Pizza Hut takeaway first!)

Back to Spanish lessons, our next level should be “Elementary 1”.  And we are still waiting for some of our classmates to pass the exam.  A little thank you note to all whom have sent us the warm wishes of “You Can So Do It” online and offline, consciously and subconsciously.  Many ask why Spanish?  Honestly I haven’t given much thought as I just follow Cynthia’s passion.  Learning Spanish seems to have opened a new dimension of my awareness.  One time, inside a bookstore in Hong Kong, a kid spoke to his parents in Spanish and I could understand some bits and pieces.  Another time, while I was photo-shooting at the Singapore Night Safari, one lady screamed “Mire” (means “Look” in English), I looked at where she was pointing and snapped a picture of a flying squirrel.  Now when I watch a Spanish movie and I can pick up parts of the conversation.

So why Spanish?  It could well be any language.  There’s no right or wrong answer I guess.  Just ‘do it’, and then ‘follow it through’.

24 thoughts on “Passing Our Spanish Beginner 2 Exam at Las Lilas with Flying Colors!”

  1. 86% and 95%? My goodness. You guys are really great.

    If I can even score the opposite – 59% – I think I will be smiling in my sleep.

  2. Ed – I should be very happy with 86%. But here is Singapore. Hence, I should be asking myself: how come I didn’t score 100%?


    Kidding lah. I was shocked by the results, still am. I really thought I have failed the oral test.

  3. Si Ying – Yes, we are heading to Elementary 1 … once the rest of our classmates pass the exam!

    There is no turning back. I reckon next few levels – though it’s going to be hard – is going to be fun as we shall begin to put all that we learn into something more complex.

  4. You have so much motivation! I am still stuck at where I am (the listening of podcasts also slowed down quite a bit because too sleepy to listen in the morning on the train and too tired to listen after work haha)!

  5. Si Ying – I think it helps when you practice it loud along with the Podcast. Otherwise I would fall asleep as well 🙂

    Learning should be a fun experience. If you derive fun in whatever you do, you will do it with a heart 🙂 Do let me know your progress! We can encourage each other to move forward …

  6. Hey Wil- I guess what you say is true, girl have more adept at language…

    I always get very low mark for my Chinese and English Exam when I was in Secondary School. The girls in my class always score better.

    We are better in maths and map reading I guess… ha-ha…

  7. I agree with Ng – it is generally the case although there are exceptions.

    Language was one of my favourite subjects in school (we studied 3: Bahasa, English and a local dialect) but I couldn’t draw to save my life and I was (am) really bad at art other than music.

    At that time I was young, didn’t occur to me that I should charm the teacher. Lol..

  8. Ng – That’s right. Girls are better in languages. That’s why we men always lost when it comes to arguments with the opposite sex.


    By the way, I suck at reading maps too … hmmm. I wonder why.

  9. Cynthia & Wil- Very nice to have someone else other than wil to answer my comment… haha… Hey Cynthia, I didn’t always saw you commenting on your hubby’s website… ha-ha… I guess one need not comment on the website when you can comment to the person face to face everyday.

    My drawing skill also quite powder-full ( if you catch my drift ) I think I score 49 mark for a piece of my drawing for my final year exam in secondary 2 ( my highest level of artistic flare ). I guess it really that bad that my teacher think that I don’t deserve the 1 mark to pass.

    Wil, regarding the map reading, I guess it because you never went to army ba… haha… I was practically force to learn it within a short period time… otherwise, it very embarrassing to be an officer and get your man lost in the field every single time.

    Well, maybe your wife can starts off with a lighter camera? D40 is really good and light!

  10. Ng – Oh, we don’t usually talk a lot. I write a blog entry, she reads, she then comments, and I then reply. Lol.

    OK. I technically know how to read a map (I think) but my scene of direction is terrible.

    I am trying very hard to get Cynthia to take pictures. She always manages to find something better to do!

  11. Yes i will speak along with the podcast in the trains so it can be abit embarrassing. I hardly have time these few weeks so all I can do is listen during the morning train rides. But you are definitely encouraging me to learn on!

  12. Hi Congratulation! Actually I’m looking for school to continue my Spanish lessons. So it will be great if I could find out from you how is the school & how long you are on it. Do you know if they hold Spanish exams for outsiders to take so that if one passes, one can receive a certificate?

    Thank you!!! 😀 Cheers a passing by stranger

  13. Alicia – Thanks for dropping by! We do like the school. The teachers are all native Spanish. There are 10 lessons per level. So we have Beginner 1, Beginner 2, Elementary 1, Elementary 2 … and etc. Each lesson lasts for 1 hour and the exams take place at the end of each even level.

    I am pretty sure that the exam is only for those who have attended a minimum number of lessons within the level.

    If you have the right background, you may contact the director of the school and see at which level should you enter?

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