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Diablo 4 Early Access First Impression – It’s World of Diablo

In this blog post, I would like to share with you my first impression of Diablo 4. And at the backdrop of this video, I have recorded a recent legion event at World Tier 2 difficulty. It took my character a long walk on foot to reach the very southern end of the map. But it was fun nonetheless.

In a nutshell, does Diablo 4 Early Access meet my expectation? I would say yes. Does it worth its price tag? I still think that Diablo 4 is a very expensive game. But it also has a lot more content compared to its previous iteration released 11 years ago. Compare to recent AAA game launches, I would say Diablo 4 is very stable. I have not encountered any bugs or problems logging into the game. 99.99% of the time, the game runs smoothly. Except for some rare stuttering perhaps due to other players joining the area online.

Diablo 4 reminds me of World of Warcraft. The design of main quests with clusters of side quests populated the entire map, which is a familiar scene if you are a WoW veteran. Resource gathering. Claiming Altar of Lilith in D4 versus collecting Dragon Glyph in WoW. Online events. Mounts. PvP. The list goes on, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Time will tell if this concept works assuming that Diablo 4 doesn’t grow as World of Warcraft does with each content patch and expansion. Will the content feel stale? We shall see.

I also like the non-linear aspect of Diablo 4. I could focus on the main quest. Or I could take a break and do some side quests, explore the map, claim altars, do cellars and dungeons, join events, and be rewarded for the effort such as additional skill points for all my characters in the same realm.

I really like the storytelling aspect of the game which connects to me emotionally such as the time when Lilith found her son Rathma dead and self-reflected as a mother. The cinematic is beautiful. If you don’t mind talking to the NPCs and doing some of the side quests, examining the objects such as paintings or books, you would experience another aspect of storytelling whereby the same story is told or further elaborated through a different person or object. A town is not just a convenient location for salvaging stuff or crafting. Each town comes with its unique culture and challenges. In short, take some time at least for your first run to experience the story, when the characters and the world come alive.

Onto the combat, it is responsive. I play on World Tier 2 Veteran difficulty. The pace is slower. But the combat is more engaging as I would need to dodge a fair bit and think before I pop certain skills. The fight can be satisfying as well, especially when I overcome some really difficult situations such as Butcher. It is still too early to comment on the skill tree and gear design and class-specific mechanism. I’ll have to experience more in the end game. So far though, I must say, I enjoy having to make difficult decisions and trade-offs when it comes to skill point allocation and gear choices. And that is good news.

As for the cash shop, so far what I’ve seen are cosmetic items and they ain’t really that enticing to me, for now. The price tags are pretty in line with other aRPG such as Path of Exile. But Path of Exile is free-to-play though. But you know Blizzard. Nothing comes cheap.

I Sing A Spanish Song: Caricias En Tu Espalda

If my band members are to know that I have recorded a cover song and shared the video with you here, they would flip.  Because I don’t usually do covers.  But in the spirit of learning Spanish, it is indeed fun to learn a Spanish song.  I am still not 100% sure on what the lyrics mean.  And I am still not 100% sure how the singer of the band Despistaos manages to pronounce some of the words in such a different way.  Since I have no idea how that works, I did my own interpretation instead.  Hope that doesn’t turn out too bad.

The title of the song is “Caricias En Tu Espalda”, which means “Caressing Your Back”.  The story evolves around what happened this morning.  There was a girl, a window, a ray of sunlight, a bed, a pillow, and her bare chest.  I think it is a beautiful song.

My interpretation of the lyrics goes something like this (Spanish version of the lyrics can be found in our Spanish class’s website):

This morning, a ray of sunshine has cast through your window, which is the window of my room.  It has appeared and caught me taking your hand.  This morning, it was really warm.

I left my forgotten shame at the bottom of a glass in the last bar.  The lost glance, the rusty voice, awake in your bed and it gets me to sing …

“Give me the time you don’t need and I promise to spend it to caress your back.  Give me the time you don’t need and I promise to spend it to caress your back.”

This morning, I remember I was better.  A pillow, your bare chest in the face.  You are gone and you have left me pretty worn out.  This morning, the heat was killing me.

I left my forgotten shame at the bottom of a glass in the last bar.  The lost glance, the rusty voice, awake in your bed and it gets me to sing …

“Give me the time you don’t need and I promise to spend it to caress your back.  Give me the time you don’t need and I promise to spend it to caress your back.”

Click Me To Rooney

Dear readers, here is where I really need some help from you.  For real.  From now till end of the month, click onto the short link below and share it with as many people as you can possibly harass.  The more people know about my post, the better the chance I am to meet Wayne Rooney in an all expenses paid trip to Manchester sponsored by Tiger Beer.  I will get to drink Tiger Beer with him and play dart games.  I hope he will help to hook me up with David Beckham, whom I really want to meet in real life.  I want to meet Beckham’s wife too.  On TV, Victoria looks really stunning.  I am a big fan of Spice Girls.  I wonder if Victoria could hook me up with the rest of the spicy girls and sing me “Wannabe”.  If they do, I don’t mind if Rooney tucks along with me.  To make my dream comes true, here is the short link that Tiger Beer keeps track of how many are clicking:

I am from Asia and in my tradition, when we meet someone overseas the first time, we bring something from our home country as a gift.  Since I have put aside my budget to purchase clicks from Google AdSense (not that I don’t trust you guys, just in case the clicks fall short you know), I have no money to buy a gift for Rooney.  Instead, since I draw, I have painted him a picture.  One that I am going to ask Tiger Beer to frame for me so that it will look better on the UK tabloids, when I get to present him the painting in person.

Tiger Beer wants to know how I am similar to Tiger Football Champion Wayne Rooney.  When I get older, I want to be a millionaire, just like Rooney.  Since I have way more hair then he does, I reckon I will have some time before I reach his age today.  I am an up and coming artist and celebrity (I think) and I enjoy watching football.  And I am as smart as Paul the Octopus.  I too knew that Spain would win the World Cup.  When Spain won the UEFA Cup, I started learning Spanish.  When Spain won the World Cup, I renewed my interest in learning Spanish.  ¡Hola amigo, clic en el enlace por favor!  Compártelo con tus amigos.  ¡Muchas gracias!

The real reason why I am similar to Rooney lies inside the video I have spent much time preparing.  I really want to credit my band members for the demo recording materials but I am quite sure that none of them wants to be associated with it.  It is more like a one off crazy thing we did.  The song excerpt is called “Unleash The Beast” and pardon my strong accent (I had sore throat the next day).  Unfortunately Tiger Beer does not give me much time to prepare for this blog post and so, I grab what I have.  Something like when the ball lands onto our heads, we just head it into the goal post instinctively, like Rooney does I suppose.  And I can argue with Tiger Beer later on the short notice.  I hope I won’t be red carded because of the strong language used in the video.  If you are underage, please turn off the volume or watch it with your parents (and ask them to spread and click onto my short link).

My post will be judged on presentation and creativity (60%) and buzz generation (40%).  That’s why I need your help to spread the words.  For those of you who are anticipating my weekend travel blog post, I am afraid I will need to postpone it to next week because this post has sucked all my energy I have for a weekend.  Sorry!  I hope this blog post is entertaining enough to make up for it.

The Unofficial Coverage of Singapore Motorshow 2008 with Pictures and Video Clips

The first thing after I have clocked 848 km driving to PJ Malaysia and back for a band practice was to head directly to the Singapore Motorshow.  Check out the montage below and guess which one is my favorite model?

I have created a video using the clips I have recorded during the stunt performance.  The performance is really awesome and if you have some time to spare, do click onto the link below.

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Video Clip of DJ Inquisitive at Zouk, Singapore for the DMC World Championship Country Finals

This is the video clip of DJ Inquisitive recorded at Zouk during the DMC World Championship Singapore Finals as promised.  And yes, he is good.  The reigning champ has defended his title and will head to UK to compete for the World Supremacy title.

After all the hard earned experience in the post production work for my band’s videos at the jamming studios not ideal for sound recording, I thought I was well equipped to do the job here.  Took me a long time to figure out that applying effects on an upscale mono low bit-rate audio clip introduces a lot of high frequency noise.  Also, quite a few video encoding tools out there don’t handle mono audio clips well.

On a more positive note in the name of sharing, to clean up the mono audio recording of this clip, I pass the original recording through a clean solid state amp simulator with a flat boosted EQ setting and a 4×12 cabinet to add clarity to the muffled sound.  I then pass this to a compressor with a soft knee and a moderately boosted output gain to keep the sound hot but not too distorted.  Feel free to share the technique you use to clean up the sound recorded from a camera here. Hope you’ll enjoy watching this video.

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