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  • Random Events During Chinese New Year 2021

    Over time, the Chinese New Year celebration isn’t quite like when I was a small boy. The pandemic changes the way we celebrate. Or not celebrate. Not just Chinese New Year. Birthday. Wedding. Maybe the future of celebration would emphasize something very personal. Like the first time when a couple holds hands and kiss. Or […]

  • A Chinese New Year Dinner

    The beauty of keeping my website current is that I can always go back in time and find out, say, what I did last new year.  It is hard to believe that one year has passed.  Reading what I wrote last year makes me feel that it was only yesterday when Bethany was a tiny […]

  • A Small Reunion Dinner

    When asked what we do during Chinese New Year, I often begin the lengthy recount of our culture and tradition with a reunion dinner that happens during our Chinese New Year Eve period.  Family members get together in a dinning table (or a dinning hall depending how big one’s family is) to celebrate and to […]

  • Happy Chinese New Year

    Happy Chinese New Year!  When I walked into the office, some of my clients actually knew that today was the Chinese New Year.  According to them, it was being broadcast on the radio.  I wore red shirt and red tie, just to look very “traditional”. Today was not so good for Aurore as she had […]