Bailey, Not Again!

I am speechless. Bailey did it again. It must be me.

I took Bailey to meet Axel, my friend’s puppy.

As the story goes, my friend, SF, needed Bailey to help lead Axel to a street he always fears of. Also, it has been a while since Axel met Bailey.

After work at six, I took Bailey into the car and drove to SF’s place nearby. As before, I walked Bailey to the slopy green field next door after parking the car. Axel arrived shortly and in some strange ways, the two didn’t really play much with each other. After some warm-up, Bailey was able to lead Axel into an area Axel fears visiting (for what reasons, I cannot fathom).

SF and I walked along the river, let our dogs socialize with other dogs. SF picked a restaurant and we tied our dogs to a tree. All was well until …

“Your dog,” said SF.

From where we sat, with the plants blocking the view, I couldn’t really see our dogs. When I heard SF saying that, I looked straight and saw a scene I could not comprehend.

I saw Bailey, looking at me, with his tongue stuck out, without a harness, without a leash …

… I quickly stood up and called Bailey. By then, he turned and ran. So fast around the playground, dashing from dogs to dogs. I forgot where my mask was (around my neck), I was doing my best to chase after him. It was dark, in the evening. The very scene reminded me of that memorable morning when Bailey broke off his leash and ran amok in a park.

Bailey was too fast. I couldn’t catch him. I tried and fell onto the concrete ground (fortunately, this time, I did not injure myself). One dog owner, an Indian lady, tried to lure Bailey with a bag of treats. It wasn’t that successful as Bailey was going crazy with her dog and I could tell that she was quite frightful of Bailey.

I don’t blame her.

Anyways, she passed me her bag of treats and asked me to get Bailey’s attention. It worked, in front of a very big crowd, I hugged Bailey firm across his chest, not letting go. SF came by with the harness. I was so thankful that I did not lose Bailey this evening.

So much drama. And he did it again.


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