Test Drive My Nikon Z6 with 35mm Z Lens at Marina Bay – First Impression

For years, I have been taking photographs using my Nikon D700. These days, mirrorless full-frame cameras seem to be the trend. Unable to resist my curiosity – and mainly drawn towards the lightweight build – I have bought a Nikon Z6 with little or no expectation. Here are my quick observations.

Click here to view the full album. There is no Photoshop. Just cropping and fine-tuning via Capture NX-D software. That is to say, what you see is what you can get straight from the camera.

Marina Bay Sands at Sunset
  1. I am impressed by the photo quality. Superb ISO range. Starting to fall in love with the 35mm f/1.8 Z mount lens. The camera body is made in Japan. But the lens is made in China.
  2. Lightweight. I can even take pictures with one hand!
  3. Lesser physical buttons compared to D700. Hence, need to get used to the in-camera menu and touchscreen LCD.
  4. I use the electronic viewfinder and immediately feel at home. My wife prefers LCD (that can be pulled out for food shots!).
  5. Able to wirelessly transfer the photos into my wired computer. No cable is required.
  6. Z6 photos cannot be exported through Capture NX-2, which is a shame. Because I have the Color Efex Pro plug-in.
  7. Capture NX-D is a nightmare to use.
  8. Lightroom is an option (gosh, I hate Adobe’s hard sell for monthly or yearly subscription … and no, I don’t need your cloud). But I still prefer Capture NX-D.
  9. Battery life is pretty poor, which is expected. There is a heavy reliance on the LCD so as to navigate the various menu options.
  10. So far, no regret. I have also purchased the FTZ mount. I shall test out the Z6 with my legacy F mount lenses.
Merlion at night.

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