Gorges Du Verdon Is Gorgeous

Gorges du Verdon is located in the South of France, around 100 km away from Nice.  For those who wonder what a gorge is (like I do), a gorge is a deep ravine craved out by a river over a long time.  To experience the gorges is best by car.  The scenic route we took on day 9 of our trip got us as close as being next to the river and as high as 250m directly above it.  The scenery is breathtaking.  The road is windy and squeezing out that extra bit of performance from a tiny 1.4 liter rented car can be fun, in a challenging way.

Our holidays often involve a bit of museum crawling, a bit of city touring.  Nature exploration is one of our trip’s highlights and we often plan it to be the last of the itinerary.  So much control is placed upon us and yet the unknown is thrilling.  Road trips like this can be mentally tiring.  I don’t think we can do this on everyday of our holiday.  Then again, we don’t need many.  A few good day trips are good enough for memory’s sake.  Gorges du Verdon is a memorable trip.  So is the time we spent in Corsica, which I will share with you later.

To read more on our day trip to Gorges du Verdon, here are the options.

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  1. The gorges are gorgeous. (Say it quickly it will become a tongue twister!) I do inspire to visit The Grand Canyon and Sahara Gorges in South Morocco, including Jordan’s Petra… anyway I’m drooling about travel plans. I messing about with my travel photos now. Can’t believe my family did all that, it’s like Amazing race competition. I think putting in a nature trip on top of city trip is a great idea.

    • JoV – Yes! It is a tongue twister indeed. Oh, suddenly you prompted me to think of something. I have been contemplating if “Gorges du Verdon is gorgeous” or “are gorgeous” because “du” is not quite an English word. I think “Verdon Gorges are gorgeous”. As for “Gorges du Verdon”, I am looking at it as a place. So I picked “is”. What do you think?!

      I have been to The Grand Canyon. Yet another breathtaking place. And it is huge! I did not get the licence to go down the canyon though. I read it is quite strenuous. Some camp at the base.

      Wow, Amazing race competition like travel plan? I would love to see! Hehehe.

      • Nice sceneries and thanks for the English class guys. 😀 The Grand Canyon is breathtaking indeed. The red indians believe the Canyon moves because a lot of hikers are lost in the Canyon and cannot be found, so they always becareful of your words and how you treat the Canyon when you are there. Well, it is actually because of the landscaping, heli can’t access some part of it and it is hard for the rescue team to search the entire Canyon by foot for the hikers…….but I like the Myth. Make the Canyon sound so much secretive. You guys should visit the Rockies too. Wilfrid, if you like the Gorge, you will love the Athabasca fall and river at the Jasper Natioanl Park, actually you will love the entire rockies. 😀

        • J – Oh, is that so? About the Red Indians and the Grand Canyon. Fortunately I did not pee at the Gorges, those I was really tempted to.

          On a more serious note, I think trekking a canyon is like climbing a mountain. One has got to respect the nature or else the nature may unleash its wrath upon he or she.

          OK OK … I will make a note somewhere to say … visit the Rockies before I turn really old … hehehe. I suppose I would need a good level of physical fitness to trek that?

          • ahh…that’s right, respect the nature is what I wanted to say but you said it better. 🙂 You don’t need a lot of stamina to visit the rockies. There are a variety of attractions in the rockies that you could visit. Most of the popular ones are easy reach, family and children friendly. Some trails are friendly for hiking but there are always those that are more challenging with even more magnificient views like up to a Mountain or close to a glacier or a fall or a creek, so it really depends on what you would like to see. If you are into camping, there are a lot of nice camp grounds too but if you are over 40 I would not suggest that you stay in a tent, a RV would be a better choice, just because it can get really cold at night and one might wake up with “fong sup”. 😀

            • J – Ha ha ha … thanks for the tips. Glacier you said?! That sounds … cold … I mean majestic. OK. You made it sounds very doable. And it sounds like I would need to go for the more challenging ones!

  2. Wow, the travel bug is definitely biting and your beautiful photos aren’t helping! Haha…. is this year the visit Europe year for you? 🙂 There is nothing quite like communing with nature, especially in a nice temperate climate with flowers springing from your feet. Unfortunately, this year my furthest trip will only be to Taiwan. 🙁

    • Walter – It must have been a very busy year for you, I can imagine. Taiwan is a pretty country, I heard. I have yet to visit Taiwan 🙂

      Planning any long haul holiday trip next year? 2011 is just round the corner!

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