My Dog and My Family, One Day at a Park

My Dog and His Dog Tak Tak

I wonder if any of you remember precisely what you did during the New Year Day, or on that day, what has gone into your mind.  I didn’t.  As I processed my digital mountain worth of photo backlog, the timestamp of this particular photo collection tells me that on New Year Day, my family took our lovely dog to the park.  Ma joined late, it was a cold day, and there were moments when our beautiful white dog drew attention from the fellow park visitors, unintended attention from the dogs bigger than him, smaller than him.  Pa doesn’t like our dog to get bullied by other dogs, I get it.  To the extend of over-protectively keeping our dog inside the house most of the time, I don’t get it.  But then again, I don’t keep a pet, have no clue on what it’s like, and in the rare moment, during our stay in Hong Kong for my sister’s wedding, this is a photo album of my dog and my family, one day at a park.

I understand not everyone likes to go through others’ family photo albums.  And so, I have extracted 12 photos to share at the bottom of this blog entry.  For our family and friends and readers who are more or less in touch with my family life, I have added a new high resolution photo album (59 photos) to my online collection for sharing.  Inside, you will get to see a lot of pictures of our dog, my parents, my sister Lora and her husband Benny, and Cynthia and I.  I have included mostly spontaneous shots, may not necessary be the best shot for my subjects.  Nevertheless, I know how they look at their best, at their not-so-best.  I treasure those moments that I tend to forget more.

My dog’s name is Tak Tak.  The direct Chinese translation of his name would sound strange.  So I would say, he is named after the can-do attitude.  Tak Tak is an amazing dog.  So clever in so many ways, he is a gift from Heaven for my parents who are living thousands of miles away from my sister and I in Singapore.  When he was still a puppy, before my sister’s emigration, Tak Tak had an accident, at my home in Hong Kong, and broke a leg.  The operation would cost more than getting a new dog.  It was a hard decision to make because we have a humble family income, Pa has long retired.  My family has decided to go through the pain and the expense of an operation.  Deep inside, although I don’t know Tak Tak that well, I am sure he knows that he is loved by those around him.  And I can understand the tears in his eyes whenever my parents leave home for an overseas holiday.

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  1. DC – My sister would be better in answering that question! I think Tak Tak is a Japanese Spitz. If I ever want to keep a pet, I may go for a Japanese Spitz! Very smart dog. Beautiful too!

  2. Heee heeee….at least there is winter to bring the dogs out for fun. It is such a torture to bring them out in Singapore….they pant like crazy cos like me, they feel hot and humid! :O

  3. Yes, Tak Tak is a Japanese Spitz. He is really a very smart and beautiful dog!

    BTW, last month when I went back home, Tak Tak was changing his hairs. The small dark spot above his eye was gone and replaced with nice hair. Even more good-looking! hehe… 😛

  4. Tigerfish – You have got a point … ha ha ha (on the dogs and the weather in Singapore). I wonder if a Japanese Spitz can survive the hot climate in Singapore. I have seen one though. A few years ago near by neighborhood.

  5. Honestly Tak Tak is really quite cute! And that is coming from a non dog lover like myself.
    I loved all the photos of your dad and Tak Tak, especially the one where he was “pulling” Tak Tak’s face!
    And the one with Tak Tak looking like he is leaping!

    From all the stories you told me about Tak Tak, I have to say…. VERY SMART DOG! And now I know, pretty too!

    It’s really tough to keep a white fluffy dog looking so… white and fulffy!

  6. Tak Tak is amazing.She’s so pure. I have a toy poddle myself and he’s the best thing that ever happened in my life.
    Love dogs!

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