Lingerie Shopping Spree at Brüttal, Bangsar Village 2 (Malaysia)

After I have posted my rather unsightly photos taken inside my friend Adeline’s lingerie shop October this year, here are my responses to some of the commonly raised comments.

  • Yes, that 10% discount on the brutally chic n sexy lingerie by merely saying the passwords of either my name or “that Singapore blogger” is true.  In fact, I fought so hard for you all lovely readers that it is still valid.  Christmas is round the corner.  A great opportunity to spice up … your life.
  • No, I really don’t have the X-factor to model for lady’s lingerie.  Hence, I am bringing my new troop to get the job done this time.
  • No, I do not intend to pursue my career as a male escort for men, nor for the ladies.  But if that is the only talent I can make money in this economy downturn …

Ever since those pictures have made public, once in a while or rather very often, Cynthia would poke me and ask, “Why didn’t you get that for me?”.  Good question.  Why didn’t I?  I was too engrossed in taking pictures.  Adeline was too engrossed in showing me what picture to take.  And we both forgot to get Cynthia something.

Recently, we have made a trip to the lovely Fraser Hill (more photos to come later!) and have decided to make a stop over at Bangsar and visit our friend’s shop Bruttal.  I pulled along my old good friend Kah Lok and he gamed for it.  Lovely!  Time for a serious shopping spree!

I think all men on earth should put aside a healthy budget for the lingerie shopping of their loved ones.  Come to think of it, who else on earth are going to see these lovely flimsy pieces of garments that tantalize our bodies and minds but us.  I personally have a monthly non-cumulative use-it-or-lose-it revolving lingerie credit line for Cynthia.  You should have yours too.

There have been quite a few new items added to Bruttal’s collection since my last visit.  There is this red colored wings that a girl can strap onto her back.  Great for a party costume I suppose.  Practically, I can only think of one or a few realistic … erm … positions (time to consult the Kama Sutra manual).  Speaking of costumes, Adeline shared with me that Malaysians are really big in wearing those for parties of all sort.  Adeline, if your customers need a photographer for the event, you know who to recommend.  Thank you!

There is this super plus size bra that has to be a cup size of H or J.  According to Adeline, it’s quite a popular item.  Hmmm.  And there is this nurse outfit that comes with the stethoscope.  That crotchless lingerie is out-of-stock.  Gasp!  See that lovely necklace that Cynthia was trying on?  She wore it during our band’s gig at The Heeren.

Do check out these affordable brutally chic n sexy  lingerie at Brüttal (RM18 to RM159.90 or S$7.50 to S$66.60) the next time you visit Bangsar, Malaysia.  Spread the words and don’t forget to get your 10% discount by mentioning my name … happy shopping!

Special Promotions

  • Christmas Sales: From Dec 15th to 25th, with every purchase of RM 250 and above on a single receipt, you will get (1) free imported hard case gift box and (2) RM 50 discount.
  • Boxing Day Sales: Dec 26th, 50% storewide discount + best buy items.

External Website: Brü (tel: +603 2287 7172)


  1. Those things look so good I want to just go out there and get some myself! I think the nurse outfit might be an interesting piece to add to the wardrobe don’t you think? 😉

    So what exactly is your favorite item?

  2. Those sold off really quickly the last couple of times we had them here :))

    Brüttal Disclaimer: Lingerie that is sure to cause extreme excitement – definitely not for those with weak hearts!

  3. Oh, I have a budget? You mean I can claim after incurring the expenses? What’s the limit, is it non revolving monthly or annually?

  4. Hi Cyn! As for the RM50 rebate, we encourage you to claim them immediately for each RM250 spent on a single receipt. Therefore, if the bill comes up to RM500, then you are entitled to RM100 rebate.

    Promotion is valid till X’mas Day 🙂

  5. highly recommended shop.I have to give thumb up to this shop fabulous shop.was there for a short workin trip in late sept but onli get to bump into adeline on my last day there.a very nice lady to talk to.nv regretted walking into the store and my gf love the item i have gotten for her from bruttel. not sure i f adeline remenber me.
    for the shy guy dont worry adeline is very approachable and she will help u with ur selection.:)

  6. Hi Henry 🙂 of coz I remember u! When r u bringing yr gf over heehee will be adding some new stock for Xmas very soon! Heehee thx so much for yr compliments 🙂

    Eastcoastlife, were u referring to the see-through French Maid outfit or the regular French Maid outfit

  7. Henry – Wow … new fan of Bruttal! Welcome on board … ha ha ha. Happy that your girlfriend loves the … item. Did you go for free size? I have no clue how this free sizing work but Adeline once told me that it works wonder.

  8. Adeline – Oh! I think you will need someone to take first hand pictures for your new X’mas stock?! Hmmm … we need a real life female model this time round eh?

  9. it really looks super exciting! i wonder why the huge sized bras are popular???

    would love to have the wings though!

    hope to be able to visit this shop soon! why don’t we have something like that in Singapore?

  10. G – I guess all girls deep inside want to look sexy across all races and different body and shape. Yes, the wings are really funky. Maybe next time I take orders from you when I drive up to Malaysia again?

    I have begged Adeline to let me help her opening up Bruttal branch in Singapore. My application is still pending for review! Ha ha ha.

  11. to wilfrid
    i didnt go for the free size item as i know my gf de size …lol. oh yeah if adeline do accept ur application to open up bruttal here in singapore do let mi know abt the location sure support

    to Adeline Choo
    am trying to fit my time to go up to kl .say maybe just after xmas or maybe new year? thinking of doing my new year shopping over in kl.

  12. You have been making good trips to Malaysia recently. 😀
    Cup size H, J…..WHOAaaaA! I know most Taiwanese ladies will be fond of these….

  13. Hi old pal Wilf – think yr heart is pumping alright & u’re in tip top condition so I’m sure I’ll ace the heart check up 🙂

    Sislora, u’re welcome here anytime! As u’re wilf’s sister & my good friend Cyn’s sister in-law, u’re my friend too 🙂

    As for the plus size bras we carry, it’s coz we have a lot of well-endowed ladies here from various races & nationalities :). They too wanna wear something sexy & lacy…

  14. Btw, we usually jot down our clients’ sizes for easy reference so no worries, just mention the name and we’ll look it up 🙂

    We welcome u all here, do let us know if u intend to make a trip down to our boutique soon 🙂

    PS: Wilf I’d like to invite u and Cyn to drop by when my new stock arrives hehe will arrange for live model *wink* u might be sweating buckets

  15. Hi Henry, saw the photos! Very nice… you’ve taken quite a lot of yr gf 🙂

    So sorry dear… unfortunately, each photoshoot is exclusive… therefore, only 1 photographer at any one photoshoot.

    I shall let you know when we have any other shoots in the very near future. Take care and we look forward to seeing you and yr gf soon 🙂

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