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Readers of my site rejoice!  Mention my name and you will get a 10% discount on a single bill for these beautiful, trendy, and colorful brutally chic n sexy lingerie.  Check out these photos I took.  The *ahem* crotchless lingerie is my favorite.  The French maid costume is also my favorite.  And there is this bunny costume, that naughty red devil costume, and a lovely variety of brutally chic n sexy lingerie that I don’t even know where to start.  Gosh, I love them all, from the bottom of my heart.

I am so proud of my old friend Adeline Choo’s new lingerie shop in Bangsar Village II (1st floor).  Malaysian readers of my site can easily pop by Brüttal and if you are shy mentioning my name, you could just say, “Erm … I heard your shop from that Singaporean blogger …”  And you will get your 10% discount.  As for my Singaporean readers, Bangsar is very near to Kuala Lumpur and I have included a direction on how to get there in the end of this entry.  Bangsar is like our Boat Quay in Singapore, a lovely place to dine at after your long day of shopping.  Don’t miss Bangsar.

Coming soon: World’s first coverage on Brüttal Wish List (for weddings, birthdays, and more) here in – where good things are meant to be shared!

I have been actively in touch with Adeline ever since her lingerie shop opened this April (and she gave us some of her lingerie that without making Cynthia blush, I love every single piece!).  And she has been inviting me over for an exclusive blogger coverage.  OK, that business trip may be harsh but I am happy to take time off and pay Brüttal a visit.  When I reached Bangsar Village II, I was impressed by the classy shopping mall that wasn’t there when I was working in Malaysia 10 years ago.  Finding Adeline’s shop was easy (1st floor) and I was even more impressed by how spacious and comfortable the shop is (and it comes with a huge changing room too!).  I literally ransacked the entire shop and gosh, I love the collection.  As I was holding up some of those enticing brutally chic n sexy lingerie, I casually asked Adeline who would wear those costumes.  She giggled and told me that a lot of ladies buy the costumes for their friends’ bachelorette nite party.  Oh wow!

Enough of words.  Check out the pictures above.  Just how much would these lovely brutally chic n sexy lingerie cost?  OK, I confess that I have a tough time memorizing what is what so I asked Adeline what would the damage be like if Cynthia was here.  Affordable she said!  Uh-huh I don’t buy that!  Adeline then said: RM18 to RM159.90.  That works out to be S$7.50 to S$66.60.  And with that 10% discount, you do the maths.  Time to bring along Cynthia in my next visit to Malaysia.

How to Get There

If you visit Kuala Lumpur, most likely you will stay in town.  Bangsar is just a 15-30 minutes drive from KL or Petaling Jaya.  If you take a taxi, simply tell the driver to drop you at the McDonald’s.  Once you align, on your left is the main street and on your right is where the restaurants and shops are at.  Turn right and you will see a long street with shops on the right and 2 long streets on the left.  Do check out both streets for there are a wide variety of restaurants and pubs.  At the end of either street is the mall Bangsar Village II.  Brüttal is on the 1st floor – 2 levels up from ground level.

Of course, you could do what I did, just ask around.  Malaysians are the friendly bunch.

External Website: Brü (tel: +603 2287 7172)


  1. Haha my comment is sort of unrelated to your very interesting post here but I realised my blog is under the BlogRoll on your website 🙂 I shall add yours on mine too so that I need not keep going back to the “Favorites” to click on yours 🙂

  2. errrm…. you wear them? hahahaha….

    Bet they look good on Cynthia.

    Usually the guys would rather die than go near a lingerie shop.

    I’ll look for Adeline should I go there. Better discount? 🙂

  3. Hi eastcoastlife,

    A lot of men DO come into my boutique, either with their wife / girlfriend or alone. Most men do not know their other half’s size; however, do not fret. We have things that are free size that fits most women 🙂

    We’ll also help put a few pieces together to give you the idea of what to wear with what. Do drop by soon, we look forward to seeing you here.

    Thanks and cheers.

  4. ECL – I can so related to that lingerie shop phobia for guys. I did visit some lingerie shops in Singapore and I always feel very out of place. I think that is the only exception that I wish someone actually comes over and help me to choose something.

  5. Tigerfish – I know! I have the shop literally all for my “documentation” purposes! I got to pick on those I like and take picture. It was a real fun experience.

  6. Hey pal, we have a nice collection of free size lingerie in our inventory 😉

    And I must say Wilfrid was quite intriqued and taken by the semi-transparent crotchless gstring haahaa! U should have gotten that for Cyn!!!

  7. Haahaa no need to blush but anyway I’m glad U’ve gotten comfy with the lingerie. No need to blush anymore. Be it mama bra or granny undies, lingerie IS a part of our lifestyle. Since we have to wear something underneath, we might as well wear something that gives us the “feel-good-factor” 🙂

  8. Yes, yes, yesss 🙂 We had a lot of walk-in ladies who came in here to get costumes for Halloween party… or any other costume parties. Do visit our Brüttal Page on Facebook, add as fan and stay updated on our latest activities and promotions.

    We have just done a photoshoot last weekend and in the midst of going through all the pix. We shall be uploading some selected pix into our Photo Album in the Facebook Page. Kindly login to and check it out soon!

  9. What am I thinking? I don’t think you want to be too explicit here! Haha!

    *Just posted this post in Twitter. Doesn’t hurt to spread this*

  10. Ed: thanks for spreading the news about us 🙂 Really appreciate it!

    PS: Bruttal lingerie is sure to tantalize and known to cause extreme excitement… Hope u don’t have a weak heart haha

  11. Adeline – Twitter is a social networking tool that helps you to broadcast what you are doing now. I have used that a couple of time but I haven’t really got into it.

  12. Oh cool! It’s interesting to be able to reach out to more people. Thanks so much, Ed & Wilf.

    By the way, I’m very happy to announce that some friends (a married couple) dropped by Brüttal just now after they heard about Brüttal lingerie from their friend (who is my client). They didn’t know this is my brand as I did not publicize to “friends” bur more like trying to build the brand and publicizing the brand instead. Am glad Brüttal is at the tip of people’s lips 🙂

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