Me No Shy About Me Birthday

Thanks for all your warm wishes!  It is the thought that counts.  So, text messages are same-same to me.

I have two traditions when it comes to my birthday.  One, it will be a holiday.  Look, if we have holidays to celebrate the birth of the kings and queens and anniversary of what not, why should I work on my birthday?   And two, during my birthday week, it will be my treat to all the friends who join me for lunch or dinner.  I mean, look at it this way, I feel so blessed to have friends turn up for my B day celebration.  It’s on me, gladly so.

I guess it is hard to contain the happiness and I find myself telling the people around me the coming of my birthday.  Maybe I am a natural exhibitionist.  Most people I know are more comfortable keeping it low profile, which is cool with me of course.  One time, the colleague behind me was on the phone and you know how kids are when they get onto the phone.  As usual, the faint high pitch voice reached my desk and I heard a birthday song!  It was my colleague’s birthday and I congratulated her after her call.  Wow, I would have missed that and I would feel quite bad had I known that someone’s birthday has gone underneath my radar.  She is my neighbor in the cube farm some more.  Bizarre to say – and those of you who know me in person would know how animated I can be once I get excited – despite my rather excited words of congratulation, everyone else was so absorbed with their work and none noticed this little event.  Oh well.

The other day, one friend of mine in the office told me that she doesn’t think writing “I wake up, I eat, I sleep” as her journal (or blog) is interesting at all.  Well, I don’t know.  I also write “I wake up, I eat, I sleep” too.  Maybe if one day 3am in the morning and you can’t sleep, you should try reading my blogs.

I woke up this morning after an amazing 8 hours of sleep, looked in the mirror, and didn’t notice any difference.  I mentally timed my pee and it took roughly the same time.  Great!  It’s my birthday and I feel one year younger.  I did some memory test and I passed, remembering all the schedule blog entries all the way till I fly out of town next Wednesday.  Superb!  Good as new.

Switched on my wireless phone and went through the bunch of entertaining text messages.  One friend told me that men age like fine wine.  Wow, my first time hearing it.  So I asked this wise man what do women age like?  Cheese, he replied, as the taste grows on you!  Ha ha ha … OK.  I don’t know why, I kept thinking of the “Sex and the City” movie.  Time for Botox – the miracle of eternal youth!

Spent a fair bit of the morning doing vocal exercise.  Vocal exercise?  Yes.  Vocalists do vocal exercise all the time and it helps a lot in the actual singing activity.  I must have driven Cynthia mad this morning.  Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-ohhhhhhh~

Another friend asked me to send a wild plant to her via Facebook after I told her that I was heading to the Botanic Gardens.  Sure I can do that.  I love the Botanic Gardens.  Always do, be it as in Hong Kong or Paris or Singapore.  It was sunny, it rained a bit, and we took some photos inside the lovely Botanic Gardens.

Time check!  OK, it 5-ish and I shall head to Orchard soon.  Catching up with my Movie Review Squad and I can’t wait to watch Hellboy 2!  I so have a big crush with Hellboy’s girlfriend.  Shhh, please don’t tell Cynthia.


16 thoughts on “Me No Shy About Me Birthday

  1. Darkspore

    OMG! Many happy returns dude! Sorry I am unable to catch you this year. But I know you don’t need another fella telling you that you should go for Botox… 😀

  2. Ed

    Happy Belated Birthday. Hope you have had a good one and may your wishes come true. And most importantly, good health.

  3. tigerfish

    Happy Birthday! A comment on your post is a text-message, ya ?

    I’ve known pple who take a day holiday on their birthdays. I did not know this is such a popular “tradition” :O

    Hahhaha…no wonder wine and cheese goes well together. They need each other to complement else each on its own is just plain…bor…rrring.
    A good wine can mellow a pungent cheese while a mild cheese can make wine more complex. Buahahahaha!

  4. JT

    Hey! Happy belated birthday. Had wanted to wish you online but never get to see you, so I bet you must have gone for a holiday! Anyway, hope you had a good time whenever you are and really, no botox is required for you! 😀

  5. wilfrid Post author

    Tigerfish – Yep … a comment on my post is also a text-message. Cheers!

    If you were to ask me, I think man is like Bibimbap while woman is like the hot stone.

  6. wilfrid Post author

    G – Thanks! Well, Botox must start young mah … unlike that fella who dropped the first comment, I am not afraid of needles.


  7. wilfrid Post author

    JT – Ya … somehow these days when I am online, it is short and at some wee hours.

    3rd trimester already eh? Happy for you 🙂

  8. Cynthia

    I shall say it like the WoW did it “May your days be long, may your blades never dull !”

    Happy birthday once again.

  9. sislora

    … suddenly miss those childhood days when mum and dad bought our birthday cake with our favourite cartoon and the exact number of candles on it…

    May happiness be filled in your life! God bless.

  10. wilfrid Post author

    Lora – Ah, birthday cakes. That’s right. What a lovely family tradition eh? So, you want one for your birthday next month? Or Benny will get the cake and I will get the candles?

    Let me see … how many candles should I bring. Since I am in my … *ahem* … late twenties, that makes you in your … erm … early twenties. Ha ha ha.

  11. sislora

    hahaha… That’s right! Your calculations never disappoint us! hahaha.. =D

    ya… truly a lovely family trandition. hmm… you should discuss with Benny leh… 😛

    hey, should cut yours first! Let me know when you are available.


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