Looking Back on 1997

Another Christmas day, alone on my own.  The background music?  Well, “Do they know it’s Christmas”.  Looking back the year of 1997.  A lot has happened.  Far too much.

But I have to write them down.  What’s life without memory?  Good or bad, they make up our past.  Hopefully, we can learn something out of it and hopefully, that will make a better me.

Two Christmas night, two lonely nights.  Overlooking the Jakarta night scene.  It kind of reminds me of Paris.  The lights are the same, the place is different.

OK, we shall start with my whereabouts this year and talk a bit about feeling later on.  Good idea?

I was in Singapore during the first half a month of January.  Then returned to Paris to continue my four and half months mission.  Went to US somewhere in April and traveled with Colin.  Places like LV and LA and so on.   By the end of May, I was back to Singapore for a few weeks.  Finally returned to HK for a 2 weeks visit and sick for a whole week.  Came to Jakarta towards the end of June.  Visited Bali and Borobudur in Indonesia.

When I look back, it is pretty impressive thinking about the number of places I have visited in this 12 months’ time.  But am I happy about it?  That is what I constantly searching for.

Oh, my WWWIS.  I sent so many emails that I have lost track of.  It is kind of funny to read what I have written.  But inspiration only seems to come when I am alone.  Hence, haven’t been doing it for quite a long while.  Or more correctly, ever since I left Paris.

Edit 2008.05.12: This entry does look truncated.  But that is all I have.  Maybe it is how it ends.  Maybe a chunk of it is lost.  Note that WWWIS stands for … doesn’t matter.  It was my old “blogging mechanism” to reach to my friends.  Also, the original date that this was written is lost.  So I place it under 1997 Christmas day.

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