Mini Shopaholic By Sophie Kinsella – Hilarious!

I have a little confession to make.  I have read all of Sophie Kinsella‘s books.  The entire Shopaholic series and the rest of the non-Shopaholic series.  The only books of hers I have not read are her earlier works written under her real name Madeleine Wickham.  I have been doing some soul searching lately.  Does that make me a fan of chick lits?  I think I am more a fan of chick flicks than chick lits, more a fan of  Sophie Kinsella than chick lits.  In fact, I don’t recall reading other click lit writers.  Perhaps I haven’t opened my eyes wide enough.

Onto the 10 years running of the Shopaholic series and onto the 6th book in the series, the heroine of the story Becky Brandon née Bloomwood is back.  And it should come with no surprise that it is a story of Becky’s motherhood.  The development of the entire series has been predictable thus far.  For those who have finished reading the book, we can guess with certainty what the next book is about.

Back to “Mini Shopaholic”.  If you have found the character Becky irritating, you are not going to fall in love with her in this 6th installment.  If you have been accepting her misguided, unpolished, impulsive, and foolish attributes but yet warmed by her tenacity and her refusal to give in no matter how insurmountable the situation seems, you would continue loving her in this book.

I would not divulge too much of the story here.  It is as usual drama filled.  I found myself laughing out loud while reading the book – very often.  That rules out the possibility of reading the book in public or when Cynthia was sleeping.  Sophie Kinsella is gifted as a storyteller.  This book is a page turner.  The characters and down to the clearly chosen company names are memorable.  New to this book are the references to the online technology such as YouTube, Facebook, and Google.  Even down to the modern word usage of unfriend and un-anything (by the way, I find her choice of word “disinvite” strange compares to the more commonly used “uninvite”).  The main character Becky has grown up too.  The center theme is less on the drama caused by the shopping addiction like time and time in the past but on something else.  And I would say the story is more about anti-shopping, more about developing relationship with families and friends.  Sure, Becky still gets herself into unthinkable situations.  Overall, I still enjoy reading Becky’s story no less, looking forward to the next installment.

I suspect for those who take things quite seriously in life may find this book silly and ridiculous.  To me, there are books written for more serious readers.  As for “Mini Shopaholic”, let out a little bit of laughter, loosen up, and the end game is to have fun!  Now, for those who are new to the Shopaholic series, should you start with this one or to start from the beginning?  In theory, you could read “Mini Shopaholic” first because Sophie Kinsella has done a decent job in re-introducing the existing characters as well as recapping on some of the past key events.  However, coming from a fan of the series, one ought to start from the very beginning.

5 thoughts on “Mini Shopaholic By Sophie Kinsella – Hilarious!”

  1. LOL!! You and my best friend should get along well! Since both of you love Kinsella so much! 😀

    I only read Shopaholics and Twenties Girl. But love Twenties Girl a lot more. Have you read 20’s girl? What do you think?

    Appreciate the confession! A guy who reads chick lit, wow this made my day today. 😉

  2. I would say you are a die hard Sophie’s fan, just like me!! I have read all of Sophie’s sophaholic and non-sophaholic books too and mini sophaholic and some of Madeleine Wickham books are sitting on my desk waiting for my attention….if only I could squeeze some time out from my work. 😛 I have tried other chick lits book but have not been successful in completing any of them, so I would not call myself a chick-lit fan, only a Sophie’s fan. 🙂

    …….and yes, I am JoV’s best friend but not a book junkie like her. Just an ocassion reader. Having said that, nice to meet you here. 😉

    1. J – Hello J a.k.a. JoV’s best friend! Thanks for dropping by. I too am an occasional reader. Or a “seasonal” reader. Like in this month, I have clocked in quite a number of reading hours. Some other months, I read nothing.

      I read from the interviews that the writer has 4 sons! She must be enjoying herself writing on a daughter character I reckon.

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