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Similar to my good old Marvel Heroes days, I am keeping track of all the useful guides in one place. Feel free to check them out as you progress in the game. Since I have just started making guides for this game, the content is less at present. But it will get built up over time.

Endgame Build Guides

General Guides

This game is the most fun aRPG I have played in past decades!

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I am lvl 100 (102) . just finishing the story on a Warden. May switch to Warlock but, i just dont understand what to do and where to go once you finish the story? what the next step in progression?

Sean, after you have reached level 100, you can start to play anomaly – like random dungeons – and push up the difficulty. The higher tiers reward better XP and improve on your mastery. Like Diablo 3, the end game is to test one’s build and skill and to push as far as you can. Have fun and good luck!

Just started playing back again “WISH” for updated warlock guide and game guide maybe thats possible WilfridWong?

Would be better if these guides were written with how to craft end game items..most people dont like video guides as they have to pause and stuff

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