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Crusader King 3 – Chiefdom of Baol

This originates from a game called Crusader King 3. It was my first play through.

Geer Pateh

The year was 867AD, in the era of tribal, I was the ruler of Baol. Boal is a coastal country in Africa, in today’s west of Senegal. My name was Pateh, Geer Pateh of Baol, in the House of Congin.

Our faith was Roog Sene, which outlines the way of the divine, the path to living a spiritually fulfilling life in honor of one’s ancestors and the creator of the universe, Roog. Our culture was Wolof and we spoke Senegambian.

Geer Pateh of Baol

I was born timid and did not enjoy being challenged, or scared. I enjoyed things in moderation and am also greedy. I possessed a keen sense for all matters relating to stewardship and was an administrative force to be reckoned with. Not a natural leader, but I had to rule. In my younger days, I had taken up the call of the wild and enjoyed hunting. These were the highlights of my legacy.

  • I was the ruler at the age of 19. I had my son Ndyay Congin when I was 18. I did not know who the mother was. One day, Ndyay appeared at my doorstep. He had my eyes, I could tell you that.
  • Out of all the eligible spouses, I picked Awo as my betrothal. Not because she was special as a baby. But rather she was the heir to Kayor, another coastal country next to Baol.
  • While waiting for Awo to grow up, I took in concubines. I needed to start young and expand my bloodline. Of the few concubines I took in, Fatoumata had produced five daughters. For her contribution, even as she had passed the fertility age, I kept her as my concubine so that she could stay in my court, and with the girls.
  • In my early rule, Baol was raided numerous times by the neighboring countries. Due to my inexperience, we were mostly defeated. That relegated me to be an illegitimate ruler by the age of 40.
  • I was delighted when my betrothal Awo became the ruler of Kayor at the demise of her parents. But my happiness was short-lived. When Kayor was attacked, I agreed to join the war to defend Kayor even though my tribe holding Sene was recently raided.
  • Both Kayor and Baol failed to fend off our invaders. I was taken as a prisoner, together with my son Ndyay and three of my daughters. My regent Kumba took over to govern Baol. Some of my counselors and couriers were also taken as prisoners. Others were killed, including one concubine. It was a great defeat.
  • My son and I managed to escape prison. We returned to Baol. Eventually, I paid the ransom to have my daughters back. But I did not have enough gold to secure the safety of the rest. I had to focus on upgrading my tribal holding Sene. Some sacrifices had to be made.
  • Through years of upgrades, Sene became more resilient to raiders. We started to win battles.
  • Awo and I got married after Awo came out of age. We had 17 years of age difference. She was a very average girl. But she got me a son, Mahecor, my second male heir.
  • I taught my son well. When Ndyay came out of age, I found a woman to be his wife. Faaduma Askiya was 16 years more senior than Ndyay. But she was honest and patient. She was also lustful, which made her a good match for producing heirs. In addition, she was good at military tactics. She has the Amazonian physical trait! That made her powerful, healthy, and strong; and she had a sublime female physique.
  • In no time, my grandson Maha Congin was born. Meanwhile, as my daughters grew up, they took on important positions in Baol’s council.
  • At the age of 18, my daughter Yalla had committed a fornication crime! With my court physician! She was pregnant while betrothed to the son of House Bainunk 10 years younger. I could pardon her. Or I could imprison her, revoke her title. I have decided to pardon both of them. The affair went on and they had two daughters.
  • My realm priestess passed away due to old age. A 28-year-old Saltigue Mbodj was the replacement. I had decided to seduce her and take her as my third and final concubine. I was 45 of age. In the end, it didn’t work out. She left and another priest took over.
  • What?! I was attracted to my 21-year-old daughter Yalla!
  • Meanwhile, my neighbor Wulian has declared war against Baol. I managed to set up a new alliancing by agreeing to a betrothal agreement for one of my daughters. I had also hired the mercenaries to help with my war effort. Not only could I defend my county, but I also took my army into Wulian and laid siege to their two counties. It was a victory!
  • My second son Mahecor married a pretty girl, someone of his age. Meanwhile, I have lost track of the number of children and grandchildren I have.
  • I have decided to declare war against my southern neighbor and attempt to subjugate the ruler. Meanwhile, I have accepted the proposal from my northern neighbor to send one of my daughters as a hostage. That should buy some peace from the North while attacking the South.
  • At 53, I won the subjugation war against now-Geer Lamane! I took the Dutchy title and became Damel Pateh. I now had Baol, Niomi, and Saalum. I released all the prisoners and granted gold and a council position to gain favor with Geer Lamane. After all, he is excellent in stewardship.

Damel Pateh of Wuli has crossed the door to the world of spirits at 54 years of age. He died in his sleep. An old man, he lived a long, fulfilling life.

Damel Ndyay

The year was 902AD. I succeeded my father in ruling Wuli. I was generous and temperate, but cynical. I had excellent martial skills. However, I had lost a leg in one of the battles. These were the highlights of my legacy.

  • At 36, I only had one son and one daughter. My 53-year-old wife had passed the fertility age. So I have decided to take in a concubine aged 38 in the hope of having more children.
  • My neighboring ruler offered a 10-year truce for 50 gold. Why not?

Having ruled Wuli for a mere 19 months, Damel Ndyay was dead after eating a duck at a fest. It was certainly under mysterious circumstances. His 15-year-old son would have to take over.

Simbago Maha

The year was 904AD. I was 16 years old when I became Damel Maha of Wuli. I was callous and calm, but yet paranoid. I was an insightful thinker and was born fit.

  • First, I lost Baol as my army was vastly outnumbered. I had to relocate to Niomi. The land area is one-third smaller. What a bumper.
  • Then, I took in my cousin and my best friend Sall as my concubine. When she was pregnant with our first child, I doubted that the baby was mine. So I confronted her. She reassured me and I rested the case and did not investigate further.
  • My wife was 4 years younger, an average girl from another culture and faith, but also shared the same hale physical trait as me. Our babies would be strong.
  • My concubine gave birth to a baby girl. On the same day, my wife was pregnant. She gave me a son.
  • The culture and faith differences were too much for my wife and I to overcome. Despite my best efforts to learn and speak her language, our relationship deteriorated. But I was willing to work for it.
  • Meanwhile, my concubine and my wife were pregnant at the same time! Both were sons. The babies kept coming.
  • I joined a war and helped win it. My reward was tiny. So was my contribution.
  • I was on a roll! My concubine gave me a boy and my wife, a girl. There was no competition here, was there?
  • I was seduced by my vassal and spymaster Greera Fatoumata. It was a sensual proposal. We were the same age. So why not? We slept together in a small space. The air reeked of foul things recently deposited. But it was a private place. We became lovers.
  • Next, I added my priestess (33) and my pretty cousin (16) as concubines. I should be blessed with many children.
  • My lover gave birth to a son. I decided not to expose the boy’s true identity and kept my lover’s secret.
  • Because my lover (29), also my vassal, did not have a legitimate child. If she died today, my realm would lose the land (Saalum). Hence, I offered my uncle (17) as her concubine. I hoped that would help with the baby-making business.
  • War was such a tiresome business. I was called into a war that I didn’t want to enter. Perhaps I shall go hunting instead.
  • During the hunting event, my lover gifted me a pressed rose trinket. This artifact would boost fertility and prestige. I had the opportunity to lay with her. So I did. Nobody found out our secret.
  • The hunt was over. The hyena escaped. It was a fun event nonetheless.
  • I was called to the same war again to defend one of my relatives who would inherit my vassal and lover’s land had she died (no good). It was a complicated situation. The attackers were either my alliance or paid me gold not to be involved. In the end, I raised an army and watched the war take place from afar.
  • Great news. My lover gave birth to a son. I was pretty sure the son was mine as we had laid during the hunt. But no one seemed to disbelieve that my uncle, her concubine was the father. Now, the linage of my vassal was secured. Though she would probably need more children. At the age of 31, she should be able to have more.
  • Another allied war came, another war was won. More babies to come. All my concubines were onboard with my ambition to build an even bigger family than my grandpa.
  • I was getting wiser, intrigued by the ancient text, and experiencing divine communion. Meanwhile, I pondered upon the regret that I had lost Baol since my rule. My neighbors were at war. My vassel was involved. I saw a rare opportunity to subjugate a neighboring ruler. My military strength was ten times more. I did not even need the help of my alliance. It was a quick victory. I took over Namandiru and Podor.
  • Emboldened by my recent military success, I worked on my pressed claim on Baol and declared war. At the age of 44, I retook the city of Sine, my grandpa’s founding city. I was in tears of joy. Baol, Nionmi, Saalum, Namandiru, and Podor. They were all under my care.
  • After the war, my next focus was to marry off my children to form alliances.
  • It was peacetime. What about a hunt? I got better, took down a hyena, and received a trophy artifact.
  • Pulaar Sweats spread across my land! I isolated the capital and dedicated my physician’s time to control the plague. Both Saalum and Podor were badly affected. The plague had taken away three of my lover and my vassal’s children so far. I was concerned. As for my capital, it went into a lockdown. I isolated the entire family in a secluded area. But for how much longer?
  • Two years passed and the plague left my land. I spent gold to let my realm recover. Everyone survived in my family. Meanwhile, my daughter and heir Yumeyga has given birth to a son! May you grow strong and wise, Gejopal.
  • I called upon my allies and invaded Wuli! Now, The Wuli de jure was complete. It was an expensive war though.
  • I was not getting any younger. At 55, I pressed my claim onto Takrur and Dhralna. I called my allies and won the war. I would need gold to create a duchy title. With three duchy titles, I could make a kingdom (with more gold of course).
  • Next, I conquered Kayor and Jolof on the ground of de jure, alone, without allies.
  • My heir and my daughter died at the age of 36. It was a sad day. Now my grandson has become my heir.
  • Fast forward to the age of 70, I pressed my only claim and conquered Silla. I then defeated my niece twice at the south. First Kaabu, then Geba, Kasa, and Jame. I could usurp the High Chiefdom of Kasa and take over Jara. But I used the gold to create the Kingdom of Wulli instead. I was known as Simbago Maha.
  • My legitimacy fell as my lover and vassal exposed our relationship. I should have ended the relationship but I did not.
  • No man lived forever. Before my rule ended, I married as many grandchildren as I could. I wanted it to be my decision. I tried to please as many vassals as I could. But I was not sure how much it would benefit my heir. I spent my gold improving the capital Niumi.
  • In my twilight years, with nothing much to lose. I wanted to take on Jara, my unfinished business. My wife passed away. At 73, I betrothed with someone young to ally. I did not think the marriage would materialize, for I doubted I would live till 78. It might help my warfare against Jara.
  • Through espionage, I found out that my grandson (24) also my cup-bearer was having an affair with my new concubine (40). I did not know what was more disturbing. I took someone 25 years my junior as my woman. Or my grandson taking someone 16 years his senior as his lover. My disturbingly so, we shared the same woman! My spymaster continued to dig up secret affairs within my court.
  • Finally, at 76, I united Wuli by conquering Jara. I further led my army down south and expanded into Nalu and Kokoli. I had also fought off a Holy War against my religion.
  • Knowing that I only had 1 more year to live till 78, I realized there were so many more things I could do. I could focus on buying claims, which I didn’t. I was determined to work till my last day. Looking at the people at my court, I married off those who were single.
  • Drama till my last breath! My grandson and my heir died at the age of 30. It was a sad day. Too many wars. He was maimed but continued. The Kingdom of Wuli would hinge on my great-grandson Sanmoon.
  • Remarkable! At 78, my new young wife of 16 was pregnant with my child. 12 children I would have, beating my grandpa’s record. It was a girl. My 12th children. I named her after my mother, Faaduma. She was pretty and hale.
  • A man of unparalleled prowess, he finally found an opponent he could not overpower.

Simbago Sanmoon

The year was 967AD. I was 14 years old when I became Simbago Sanmoon of Wuli. My great-grandfather had reigned for 64 years. During his reign, he formed a kingdom and more. But also in the same period, my grandmother the heir had died. My father the heir had died too. Would I be able to rule? I am diligent and brave. I am also callous. I had a strong physique. I was going to rule, unlike my ancestors. Here was my legacy.

  • I inherited the Kingdom of Wuli, but not the Kingdom of Kaabu. I had less of what my great-grandfather had. In 8 years, I was disposed. I tried raising mercenaries with all the gold I had. But that was not enough. My daughter Awo inherited the title.

Simbaga Awo

The year was 975AD and I have inherited the Kingdom of Wuli. I was 2 years old. My grandmother was my regent.

  • There was war. I tried and I was captured. I have lost everything but my High Chiefdom of Wuli (duchy) and Chiefdom of Niomi (county) titles. And my cat Snow gave me two golds when I was in prison.
  • I hated my father. He was a loser. The funny thing was, my father was now my heir. I had to continue living.
  • I also hated my great-great-grandfather. He was not very good at planning his reign. He should have controlled as many counties as possible within a duchy. Now, I only had one county. My army size was minimal.
  • If I may add, my great-great-grandfather should not have had an affair with his vassal. After it was discovered, the rest of his vassals hated him. That affected their opinion on my father and was one of the reasons why the faction was form against him.
  • At the age of 8, I lost all my titles. That was the end of the dynasty.

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