Cynthia Arianto – Bass Guitar

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Cynthia started out as a singer.  She first performed on stage when she was four, and continued to sing in school events, church choirs, her bathroom, and practically everywhere. 

In high school, she formed a vocal group called EfCyEs, an acronym of its members’ names, where she sang Alto.  They performed in school events and freely sang in school canteen, mostly singing Wilson Philips’ songs.  She also joined a fusion band Kaemana as a singer, whose members were her school friends.  Kaemana drummer is now a professional drummer who performs on Indonesian national TV.

In university, she and a few other singers recorded a Christmas album but unfortunately this didn’t take off.  She continued to perform in events although not attached to any particular band.

Later on, in 1996, she formed a girl band where she learnt to play bass guitar.  It was a 5-piece band and until the end it was called “The Girl Band”.  The band mostly played cover songs. In her first performance as a bassist she played “Can’t Fight This Feeling” by REO Speedwagon and “You Can’t Hurry Love” by Phil Collins. 

As a bassist, Cynthia is inspired by RHCP’s Flea and the former Guns N Roses’ Duff McKagan.  She aspires to play like them but prefer to play bass lines that are friendly to her small fingers.

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