We Love To Play Scrabble

Board games, do people play these any more these days?  Computer games, console games, Facebook games – it seems to me that board games have faded into things of the past.  We watch movies more often than watching plays on stage; listen to music from our sound system more than attending live performances.  Think about how often we play board games these days.  And how often would someone born today play board games as they grow up.

As often as we watch plays on stage, attend live performances, I guess.

In a way, looking at the generation I come from, I am straddled between a world of board games and a world of electronic games.  When I was young, there was no such thing as computer games.  I had boxes of board games and I love playing them.  With whom?  My dad seldom played games with me, except the Chinese strategy ones that I was no match to him.  Still do not.  My mother at times played dice throwing type of games with me, mainly because my sister was often too young to play with me.  Four years of age gap, it means a lot in the realm of board gaming.  To me that is.  My sister was not buying it.  Still does not I reckon.

Electronic game has its rich entertainment value.  And in many instances, it is more convenience to play, has better variety, and can be played alone.  Those seem to be what we value today.  Even more so than not so many years ago.

Maybe it is not electronic games versus board games any more.  Passive entertainments such as television channel surfing, YouTube surfing, Facebook surfing, have become favorite pastime for perhaps you and me?

Cynthia and I love road trips to destinations that have no or little television and Internet access.  We often bring along Scrabble with us, something that can easily fit into the car.  And we keep a score sheet for all the games we have played.  With whom and where.

Speaking of games, over the weekend, I have attempted to design a game that is education in nature.  Something to do with learning Spanish.  I have tried to dig deep into my dusty closet where I have abandoned my computing skill not too long ago (I think one technology year is ten physical years).  Creating an electronic game, something I could have done quite easily years ago, is a no go.  Instead, I am thinking of creating a simple board game.

What would that look like?  Nothing elaborate or ground breaking.  I am badly in need of some motivation, something fun to practice my Spanish.  Keeping it simple, so as to speak.

PS. Photos are taken on a 5 minutes interval while we were playing Scrabble inside one of the living rooms of Smokehouse hotel at Fraser’s Hill, Malaysia.

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