Gran Torino – Ah, So It’s A Car

Gran Torino

I am inspired.  If I do get to 78, I wish to have Clint Eastwood’s energy, passion, and creativity (and success too!).  It must have been quite a while since we’ve watched our last movie.  Life has been hectic lately.  When TK proposed to catch a movie this weekend, the Movie Review Squad unanimously picked “Gran Torino”.

Cynthia needed to take the car out to attend a social event; I needed to stay home to watch the F1 qualifying round; TK was kind enough to drop by and pick me up.  Lovely.  We watched Button as he yet again took the pole position for today’s match.  For those who get to appreciate the different aspects of the sport, it is more than go-karting (erm … that’s how Cynthia sees it), it is more than cars going round and round in circuits, and it is certainly more than waiting for the next accident or drama to occur.

“Gran Torino” is a dark movie.  A bitter old man (played by Clint Eastwood) – a war veteran – living alone in the neighborhood of Hmong Americans.  The film has explored many different concepts, from minority groups in American, mobs, violence, human relationship, to religion.  In fact, looking at one of the symbolic ending scenes, I would see religion as one of the key themes.

If “Gran Torino” is indeed a film that explores the meaning of life and death, I can certainly see the power of one’s death, and the life it brings forth.

OK, enough of thoughts for sharing.  F1 is starting 1n 10 minutes.  Go Brawn go!

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