Year 2008 Movie Awards – The Nominations by the Movie Review Squad

Movies that We've Watched in Year 2008

47 movies, 47 blog entries, in 1 year – 14 awards our Movie Review Squad has dreamed up with, and here are our nominations.  I don’t even want to start calculating how much money three of us have contributed to our favorite Cathay Cineplexes.  And if you see any bizarre conflict within the list of nominations, well, within the squad, we do have dividing views at times.

PS. What hard work it was to collate and type out the nominations with links!

1. We Love It Award (Best Picture lah)

Iron Man · Juno · Made of Honour · Quantum of Solace · The Dark Knight · Vicky Cristina Barcelona · WALL·E

2. We Love It Though We Don’t Understand A Thing They Say Award (Best Foreign Film lah)

10 Promises to My Dog · Accuracy of Death · Black Book · Murder Of The Inugami Clan · Persepolis · Sky Of Love · Under the Same Moon

3. Why Did We Choose That Award

20th Century Boys · My Blueberry Nights · Summer Rain · Sweeney Todd · Tokyo!

4. Eye Candy (Female) Award

The Dog (10 Promises to My Dog) · Carice van Houten (Black Book) · Haruka Ayase (Cyborg She) · Isla Fisher (Definitely Maybe) · Michelle Monaghan (Made of Honour) · Yui Aragaki (Sky Of Love) · Natalie Portman (The Other Boleyn Girl) · Mila Kunis (Forgetting Sarah Marshall) · Kristen Stewart (Twilight) · Scarlett Johansson (Vicky Cristina Barcelona)

5. Cool Dude Award

 Takeshi Kaneshiro (Accuracy of Death) · Viggo Mortensen (Eastern Promises) · Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man) · George Clooney (Michael Clayton) · Daniel Craig (Quantum of Solace) · Christian Bale (The Dark Knight) · Keanu Reeves (The Day the Earth Stood Still)

6. LOL Award

 27 Dresses · Forgetting Sarah Marshall · Iron Man · Juno · Made of Honour · Tropic Thunder

7. Got Us Thinking Award

Accuracy of Death · Black Book · Cyborg She · Juno · Persepolis · The Day the Earth Stood Still · Tokyo!

8. Tissue Award

10 Promises to My Dog · Black Book · Cyborg She · Sky Of Love

9. Adrenaline Rush Award

[●REC] · Hellboy 2 · Iron Man · Quantum of Solace · The Dark Knight · Wanted

10. Jaw Dropping Effect Award

Hellboy 2 · Iron Man · Jumper · The Dark Knight · Twilight · WALL·E · Wanted

11. Incredible Acting Award

The Dog (10 Promises to My Dog) · Viggo Mortensen (Eastern Promises) · Ellen Page (Juno) · Heath Ledger (The Dark Knight) · Daniel Day-Lewis (There Will Be Blood) · Javier Bardem (Vicky Cristina Barcelona) · WALL·E (WALL·E)

PS. In case if you wonder where are the rest of the 3 award categories, that will be our individual picks!  Stay tuned.

19 thoughts on “Year 2008 Movie Awards – The Nominations by the Movie Review Squad”

  1. tried to post 3 times on ur comment box… Arghh !!

    i wanna say is, this post is very meaningful, it summarised many of the movies ive watched & not watched… i like this post of urs !!

  2. Wil- Cathay Cineplexes is also my favourite Cinema outlet too! Pay by Nets you will have the movie at 6 dollars during weekday. Pay by Fairplus Debit Visa Card, buy one movie get another one free. Big Screen & comfy chair. Only Popcorn not so nice, Golden Village one are better, don’t why also.. maybe they have some secret formula.. haha..

    Nice compliation of all the poster, agreed with most of your nomination. Expect:

    Sky of Love, too draggy and plot are very predictable.. not as touching as i thought it will be..

    Kristen Stewart in Twilight should be Alexis.. hmm.. still can’t get over that.. haha..

    George Clooney is really really good in Michael Clayton and so was Ellen Page in Juno.

  3. Ng – Another great thing about Cathay Cineplexes is that the show always start on time with very minimal – in some days no advertisement. I dislike GV because of the 20 minutes advertisement on every show we watch.

    Oh well, our love to Alexis is … common … lol.

    Happy New Year dude.

  4. Wil- Yeah, Cathay is the best Cineplexes in Singapore!! Cheap, Good Quality Screen & Seat, No commercial.

    Did you watch IP man and Red Cliff Part 1? I thought these 2 Flim also might make it to your “We Love It Though We Don’t Understand A Thing They Say Award” (Best Foreign Film lah)

    Happy New Year to you too.. So happy to know you thru Audrey Tautou!!

  5. Ng – Same here. Pleasure is all mine!

    We have just bought the Red Cliff DVD here in Hong Kong and no, we haven’t watched it on big screen – unfortunately. Ha ha ha.

    IP Man is that good ah? Too many good movies, too little time.

  6. I like seeing this list which has a bunch of movies that never made it to my theatres. I mean, interesting to see what was shown in other countries.

  7. I hadnt finish digesting this list even though I am this is the second/third time looking at your entry! Good source of suggestions as to what I can watch because I am not good at keep track of movies..

  8. Dmarks – Oh, yes. There are quite a number of good foreign films and picture house type of movies that we at times enjoy watching. Something different from the Hollywood style.

    I think stocks quite a number of them too 🙂

  9. Si Ying – Lol … no need to stare too hard to the list 🙂 There are always new movies coming up. As and when we watch it, you will read it here first hand!

  10. wow i’m so happy 10 promises to my dog got some nominations, i hope it won several if not all! this Japanese movie 10 promises really is a tear jerker for me! i love dogs so you can just imagine how it affected me, having had dogs since I was little up till I became an adult this movie is one of the best i’ve seen! I’d like to get a hold of this dvd when it’s available & not only the dog who’s obviously a very talented one at that but the actors in this movie itself were also very good & convincing, I cried when Socks died. It was very emotional & actors Lena Tanaka & her dad, plus the young Akari Mayuko Fukuda were all very good! Thanks to the producer/director who brought this movie for us to see and appreciate! Well done!

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