If the Birthday Girl Wants Made of Honour, the Birthday Girl Gets Made of Honour

Couple of weeks ago, my friendly boss dropped by my workplace – like he always does in an intraday manner to go through a checklist of 101 items with me – and he talked about “Made of Honour” instead.  He even gave a two thumbs up on that movie.  That was scary.  Was I being Googled and he learned that I love watching movies?

Perhaps not.  Hopefully not.

This week has been an eventful week for me, or rather for Cynthia and I.  Besides the one thing that now is not a good time to share (I will, I promise), my work has been action packed (though I still managed to keep it within 9 to 5, thank god for that) and Cynthia has just started working in a new environment so I needed to hunt for another precious parking lot within CBD.  The good news is that my good old friend RC passes me his tenant lot because he has decided not to drive a few years ago.  The not so good news?  Well, the car park at Prudential Tower is probably the most scary car park I have seen in Singapore.  RC joked that I shall practice my Tokyo Drift technique at those tight corners and curves.

Very funny.

Fortunately, by now I can go up and down of the Tower with one eye closed.  In fact, an entertainment I genuinely look forward to every day.

And Friday was Cynthia’s birthday too.  How amazing!  Since my credit card has intercepted hers during her first purchase at the Great Singapore Sales just a few days ago, the birthday gift is settled.  Hooray!  I know she has been talking about “Made of Honour” a while back, “Made of Honour” it is then.

When the main actor first appeared on the big screen, I whispered to Cynthia, “Who is this guy?!”.  “He is Patrick Dempsey,” Cynthia replied.  “What damp sea?” I inquired as the name didn’t ring a bell.  “The movie ‘Enchanted’?” she replied.

Ah … OK, I still couldn’t remember.  When the main actress (Michelle Monaghan) appeared, I whispered, “I know this girl!”  “Who is she?” Cynthia’s turn to ask me.  “I don’t know,” I said and I continued, “but I remember seeing her on TV.”

OK,  I may not have seen her on TV.  But she does have that TV soap opera kind of look and indeed she was involved in the TV series “Boston Public” as I found out later.  In fact, Patrick Dempsey is also from a TV series, “Grey’s Anatomy”.

In fact, the second main actor has also acted in a TV series that I love – a HDO Original Series.  When the Scottish actor actor Kevin McKidd first appeared, I nearly screamed, “I know this guy!”  Cynthia replied knowing that I didn’t really know who this guy was, “Ya, the ‘Rome’ guy”.

I don’t think I have laughed so hard this year.  OK, it’s not about the story and we all know about that.  I would probably forget the whole story before this weekend ends.  However, with such an eventful week, a good laughter is all I need right now.  I will definitely catch this movie again on cable to have a good laugh about it.  Not sure if some sexual references would be censored though.

Perhaps not.  Hopefully not.

11 thoughts on “If the Birthday Girl Wants Made of Honour, the Birthday Girl Gets Made of Honour”

  1. CSC – Cynthia is a walking dictionary of who’s who as she constantly gets updated by the celebrity news in any form. And the way she remembers names is amazing.

  2. CSC – Oh, I didn’t watch that one. Any good? I swear I did see her acted in Boston Public and Cynthia insisted that we did not. Then again, I do remember episodes from “Friends” that we have watched and she did not.

    Hmmm … I guess my inability to remember names does get compensated with something else?

  3. CSC – The movie? I guess it is more like a good laugh for some. I left my brain outside the theater. Ha ha ha. Humor is a peculiar thing. Work for some, doesn’t work for others 🙂

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