Lyrics of (There Were) Many Ways To Get To You

Let’s recap on what I’ve set out to do in my personal time during this rather long overseas business trip.  Catch up with old friends, checked.  Become a male model for a female lingerie shop … OK, that wasn’t planned but I did promise my friend that I will blog about it.  Gosh, what was I thinking?!

Finish reading a non-fiction book, checked.  Write a music review, checked too.  Wieke and I didn’t manage to practice on our 5-song set but I did manage to write a song, which is good.  I have been staring at my unopened guitar case for the entire week wondering if it was a mistake to bring my guitar with me.  I mean, I am not on holiday, am I?  My second song written for this year and though it is way below my one song per month target, I am happy that I still can write a song as and when I put my heart and soul onto it.

I can’t say too much on how I was inspired to write “(There Were) Many Ways To Get To You”.  All I can say is that it is inspired by a real life story shared by one friend of mine.  As we were staring out into the darkness in the city of Petaling Jaya, a song was born.  This brief hiatus in songwriting has injected fresh variation into the way I craft a piece of music.  A little bit of seeing how Wieke musically rearranges my songs, a little bit of hearing the comments from my old friend (and now my new vocal coach!) Jason Seet, a little bit of paying attention on how others do unplugged, all seem to converge into a pool of new ideas ready to be tapped onto.  And here are the lyrics for the first cut of this new song of mine.  My 157th song if my count is correct.  And yes, it is as always dark, and depressing.  Sorry!

(There Were) Many Ways To Get To You

There were many ways to get to you
Many days right next to you
Now these doors they disappear
Now that I can see so clear

That I can’t fly, cannot hide
From this demon deep inside
You disappear from my life

These words you left behind
Black and white here they are
Since the day you said goodbye

There were times when I held onto you
Times I could not comprehend
Now that I still hold onto
All that you have left behind

I stare into darkness
Looking at the headlights
The pulse keeps on moving
I surrender to it all

The light forms an image
A face I once knew
The dance of the signals
I’m lost in my thought

(after chorus)

There were many ways to get to you
I wish I am by your side 

© Wilfrid Wong 2008 All Rights Reserved

8 thoughts on “Lyrics of (There Were) Many Ways To Get To You”

  1. What polished lyrics you wrote! Your staring at your empty guitar case was not in vain, at least haha. If you didn’t put in the lyrics, “Many ways to get to you” could be made use by companies or banks in an advertising campaign to lure customers? Sorry that’s how I connect things…:P

  2. Ghim Seng – Thanks! And perhaps I shall write another version as a song for advertisement!

    Erm … kidding. But at least I am happy that there is something out from the effort of bringing the guitar up to Malaysia.

  3. Si Ying – Good question. There will be many rounds of ‘reviews’ and unfortunately, not many songs of mine get to see the daylight. Sad reality really … lol.

    But we shall see!

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