Bingo, Played In Spanish

If I was single and in Spain, by the end of lesson three, I shall be able to go beyond hi-how-are-you, what’s-your-name, where’re-you-from, when’s-your-birthday, to … what’s your telephone number?

Except, I wouldn’t be able catch 100% what her number would be.  D’oh!

The reality is this: Last evening, Cynthia and I have spent an hour or so to do the Spanish homework.  One activity was to listen to a recorded track and learn how to speak 0 to 20 in Spanish.  I swear by the second repeat, Cynthia was able to memorize all the words and started to speak.  I was like … wait, what is after uno again?!  Actually I do know the answer.  Simply because it spells like DOS – disk operating system.  D’oh!

Again, what excited me today was when our teacher Anna talked about the origin of Spanish language, how it evolves from Latin and Greek.  As for the rest of the lesson, I was doodling most of the time.  I didn’t get the whole class feeling hungry like the previous time.  Someone asked our Japanese classmate in Spanish on how to say the word ‘chicken’ in Japanese.  We ended up talking about Chicken (Tori) Teriyaki.  Everyone was suddenly very animated.  I think we shall forget about the number 0 to 20 and go straight to ordering food in Spanish.

Oh well.

We played Bingo in Spanish and need not to say, I was utterly lost.  Cynthia won two games as I suspect that most of us were kind of lost too.  Anna gave us a preview of the various verb forms and I went uh-oh.  Here is an example for you.  ‘I speak’ is yo hablo, ‘you speak’ is tú hablas, and ‘he/she speaks’ is él/ella habla.  The fun begins with nosotros hablamos (we speak), vosotros hablais (you [in plural] speak), ellos hablan (they [men or a mix of men and women] speak), and ellas hablan (they [women] speak).

On a lighter note, my pair of Avril Lavigne tickets has arrived!  It’ll be on el siete de Septiembre.  Fun time it will be in exactly one month’s time.

OK.  Time to go to bed and dream of … cero, uno, dos, tres … tori, teri, yaki …

11 thoughts on “Bingo, Played In Spanish”

  1. Haha (i agree to the part of not catching the telephone number) ! Hope you have fun. I always look forward to your posts on your spanish class. I totally am bad with the “various verb forms”. Everything to me is “yo hablo” haha!

  2. Si Ying – I am so with you on this. I still haven’t gone pass that “yo what-not” yet. Somehow my brain simply stops working beyond the me-centric conversation.

    Stay tuned!

  3. CSC – Erm … I don’t have talent for languages. The only language that I can beat many people on earth was used to be computer language … ha ha ha.

    But Cynthia, on the other hand, she is a natural.

  4. Tigerfish – OK. I always thought that girls are better in languages. I guess some are better in cooking, some are not; some are better in languages, some are not eh?

  5. Tigerfish – Good point. Motivation eh? Let’s see … why do I agree to learn Spanish …

    PS. By the way, I am not sure why one of the popular WordPress plug-in Akismet keeps labeling your comments as spams. Not to worry. As soon as I see your comments on the spam queue, I will de-spam it. I hope that over time, Akismet will modify its business rule.

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