Vidoes And Pictures From The National Day Parade Preview, Enjoy!

Greatings people! I have finally sorted out my pictures and did some basic video editing. Hopefully you will like it as much as I do. Enjoy!

To recap, this is how I got my precious pair of preview tickets and this is how I felt after the preview. I know you all must be rushing to click on the play buttons below but I do have some nice pictures to share together with a short journal. Please do …

I must apologize for the quality of the video as this is the first time I have used my 3x optical zoom camera to take video. I had no idea what format the video would be (I don’t have the software to edit certain formats) so I tried to keep each clip as self-contained as possible. And I had no idea that I cannot zoom once I start video recording. Duh!

So, the first clip was shot far far away. The famous free fall display by the SAF Parachute Team known as “Red Lions”. This year, the platform is a small area floating by the bay and as you can see in the video, at the perimeter of the stage there are tall structures that can be dangerous for the team. Since the background music is a bit plain, I have decided to mix DJ Tiesto’s new track “Driving To Heaven” into the clip.

And then, the “Red Lions” dived again … in the dark. I quickly took out my camera and after the first landing, I regretted because it did seem a bit too far away in the dark. I zoomed in and restarted the filming. The background music was good so I have decided to retain the original film. Check out the UFO-like objects towards the end of the clip. What the heck are those?!

Of course, what is National Day Parade without the fireworks display, even for the preview?

PS. This blog is dedicated to my friend GS who is now stationed in Vietnam and she is going to miss the actual NDP on TV. She loves Singapore as much as I do. I have been really excited and honored to be involved with her switch of career. She is determined to get immersed in the industry outside of Singapore and in a couple of years of time, she shall return and contribute much to our nation. Also, to my friend JT whom I have the honor to work with and is now stationed in India. She is going to miss the NDP broadcast as well. Good news is, she will be back next year – after her 3 years stint.


  1. thanks wilf!

    hopefully one day i would be able to catch the NDP live like you did!

    and thanks for all the help you have readily extended to me 🙂
    do come visit me soon, will teach you how to cross the roads with a ton of motorcycles whizzing past you!!! 😛

  2. Wow! Tks Wilfrid! Hahaha… I just realised that both GS and I are overseas! How life has changed huh? I am not sure when GS is going to be back… But am hoping to come home ASAP. I definitely miss Singapore more than ever after this stint. 🙂

  3. Hey G. Sure thing. If I visit Vietnam, I will definitely need a tour guide to taste the local food and visit the tea plantation. My Grandpa used to own a few tea plantation as side business back then before the Vietnam war.

  4. Hey JT … Yep, both GS and you are overseas and we were used to be working in one team. Gosh, those were the days … GS won’t be back so soon. More or less like the duration of your stay in India 🙂

  5. The only segment I like abt the NDP is the fireworks. Oops!
    We have to appreciate the fireworks when they go out in the sky, as those are our tax dollars being fired up high!
    Happy National Day!

  6. Hi Tigerfish. I love the firework segment too. Though I must say, I find the military display very interestinng as I haven’t gone through the National Service. And by the all, I don’t think it is all our tax money that is fired up high. There are corporate sponsors too so enjoy!

  7. I love the spectacular fireworks! I look forward to it every year. 🙂

    And this year there is the free fall display by the men in green! Wow! had I been well, I would go up the bridge to take the photos of them free falling!!! grrr……

  8. Hi ECL … I thought free fall display by the men in green happens every year? You have to go to that bridge early. It gets filled up really fast. Or you can book a room at Oriental and watch the firework at the comfort of your hotel room 🙂 Your ankle not fully recovered yet?

  9. The hotel rooms are all snapped up liao! My ankle is still hurting. Still in wheelchair.

    This year’s free fall display can go near to take photos mah! Last time fall from planes.

  10. Oh dear … still in wheelchair eh? It’s okay lah. Just enjoy the NDP at the comfort of your home with all the food and drink within reach. Quite a decent idea indeed 🙂

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