Marilyn Manson’s New Upcoming Album

It has been long overdue to categorized my music related blogs based on genres. So here I am, further categorize my blogs based on the genres they belong. I reckon unlike me, most people prefer to listen to certain types of music they enjoy while for me, I enjoy a wide spectrum of what different genres offer.

Enough said. I know at least one of my friends is into Marilyn Mason’s music and if you don’t fancy his music or heard of him, most likely you will find this blog … offensive to the least. My heart felt apology in advance.

Marilyn Manson’s new album is made with just him and another buddy of his. “Eat Me Drink Me”, Marilyn Mason’s new album (to be released on 5th June this year), is as close to unplug as it can get. It is still dark and it is still … shocking. Featured below is a sexy video made with him and his new girlfriend Evan Rachel Wood 19 years of age. Marilyn Manson has gone through a divorce with his wife Dita Von Teese and he has had a fling with The Charmed’s hot actress Rose McGowan. What more can I say? Life of a rock star. Below is a 8 mins video … enjoy (strictly for Marilyn Manson fans only).

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