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  • CMT Crossroads Taylor Swift & Def Leppard (1998) / RED Taylor Swift (2012)

    Once fine day, I saw a video clip posted by one of the Google+ users featuring Taylor Swift and Def Leppard performing Hysteria.  That electrifying performance is tantalizing in so many different ways.  First, as a huge fan of Def Leppard, to be able to see them perform live at this age, I mean, these guys […]

  • YUI – How Crazy Your Love

    “How Crazy Your Love” is YUI’s fifth studio album.  I am a fan.  Hence you can imagine how painful it was for me to wait till the record hits the store here in Singapore when not too far away, in a place called Hong Kong, the album not only comes with a CD, but also […]

  • Anna Tsuchiya – Rule – Coming Out From The Nana Personality

    I was so excited about Anna Tsuchiya (土屋アンナ) so much so that when alerted me of her 3rd album, I quickly dived in and made a purchase, when I was holidaying in Hong Kong.  Much cheaper than to buy the imported version in a local music store.  Much faster too.  It takes ages for […]

  • Anna Tsuchiya – Nudy Show! – Catchy, Very Catchy

    As the vocalist behind one of the two bands in the popular Japanese anime series “Nana”, at times I wonder if Anna Tsuchiya has made the anime famous or it is the other way round.  I think it is a bit of both.  Her second album “Nudy Show!” (2008) follows closely with the style of […]

  • YUI – Holidays In The Sun – A Pleasant Album, Still Same Style

    Nowadays, I seldom write about the music I listen to.  Not as often anyway.  With legal and unlimited music download, it matters little if it is a good album, or a bad one.  Because worst case, I delete the album off my digital storage.  On average, I listen to an album once, or twice, and then move […]

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