My Paris Collection – Spanish Dance

As the fan spins slowly tuning itself to the Spanish music, it spins the fate and destiny of all the lovers below. Chaos and patterns all dance with the Spanish guitar. Lovers come and lovers go.

Love is beautiful. Love represents eternal youth. She is a dream. A mixture of reality and illusion.

Dance with her, as your body synchronizes with the wonderful ambient. Attuning yourself to the Spanish rhythm.

Sing with her, as her voice embraces you with the magic of love. Abandon yourself to Love’s temptation.

For Love shall accept no ownership. For Love shall be admired from a distance. You can see her but you cannot hug her. And to feel but shall not be touched.

But be patience. Next time you hear the Spanish guitar, remember to dance. And if your are under the fan, don’t forget to kiss. For it is a blessing from the Wheel of Fate.

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