Forewords to My Paris Collection

There are times when we are flooded with emotions, caused by the sudden drop and rise of circumstances. When experience is all so allien to us, what do we arm with to defense ourselves? At times, I have this urge of surrender. Surrender to the masterplan, surrender to the marching of time and surrender to all the verdicts that laid against me.

And the beauty of going through this experience is what we get out of. There is only one way to convert this enormous energy that doesn’t come very often in one’s life.

It is Paris that has provided me with the kind of ambient I needed during that special period of my life. All the pieces are written in the order as appears (except the last one) and it is a perfect diary of mine. Except that it is a lot more subtle in a sense.

Just a side note that “Death Marriage” was written before I composed “The Love Album”. For those of you who prefer something light, simply read the poems within the “Love Album”. For those of you who are interested in the history and setting of the “Love Album”, you could refer to the “Death Marriage” in the appendix.

  1. Spanish Dance
  2. Fire of Love
  3. Love Mythology
  4. Strip
  5. Coming out of Water (Prelude to Love Album)
  6. Death Marriage – Alternative Lyrics
  7. Name That Shall Be Spoken – Name That Shant Be Spoken
  8. Passion
  9. Appendix : Death Marriage
  10. Footnotes

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