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Ultimate Escalation – How Long More?

If you are playing Warhammer Inquisitor as I do, you probably would wonder how long it would take to complete season 6. To answer that question, I would look at probably the lengthiest objective to complete, which is Ultimate Escalation.

Ultimate Escalation requires us to take down all 10 unique seasonal bosses. Each seasonal mission requires escalation points to generate and escalation points culminate as we take down Harbingers. Each seasonal mission we generate has a 15% chance to spawn a seasonal boss of a random type. Depending on how fast you can fill up the escalation bar – which in my case is somewhere between 30 mins to 1 hour including the actual gameplay, inventory management, screen loading time, etc., you can work out an estimation on how long more to go.

To help you visualize the estimated time needed to complete the objective based on your current progress, you may refer to the table below. To use this table, first, use a stopwatch to estimate how long you take to get enough escalation points to generate a seasonal mission. Second, check the seasonal progress to see how many seasonal bosses you have down. E.g. if you have down 5 unique seasonal bosses and your average time to generate a seasonal mission is 45 min, you would need another 116 hours to complete this seasonal objective.

While the Ultimate Escalation seasonal objective probably takes the longest time to complete, the good news is that you can work on this objective in parallel with other activities such as leveling, gearing up your Inquisitor, completing the entire season 6 journey, and more.

Good luck with your season journey. The Emperor protects!

A table to look up the estimated time to complete Ultimate Escalation seasonal objective based on your current progress and average time in generating a seasonal mission.
To check your progress, refer to the seasonal score UI.

Assumptions / Disclaimer / The Maths Behind

  • The number of hours presented in the table above is for illustration only based on the probability assuming that all seasonal bosses have an equal chance to spawn.
  • You may complete the objective much faster or slower. Do not pray to the RNG god or goddess. That is heresy. Have faith in the Emperor instead.
  • The probability of an event – in this case, progressing through the 10 unique seasonal bosses – is the outcome of interest divided by the total number of events in the sample space. For example, if we were to generate 1,000 seasonal missions, we know that 150 of them may have a random seasonal boss (out of 10 different types). As you can imagine, the first seasonal boss count is the easiest. The last seasonal boss count is the hardest. And in our example, out of 150 seasonal bosses, only 15 are of your interest if you are hunting for the last one.