Tag: Korean Film

  • A Werewolf Boy – A 2012 Korean Movie

    I don’t usually fancy random notifications that stream into my mobile phone. When VIU notified me that A Werewolf Boy is now available for streaming, my natural instinct kicked in, and just when I was about to ignore the notification, the words “Park Bo-young” caught my eyes. She is an award-winning actress in Korea – […]

  • Natali – The Korean Erotic Film In 3D, And What Could’ve Been

    When asked, my replied to Cynthia was, “Too much talking, not enough drama.”  She laughed, in broad daylight, “Not enough sex you mean?”  It was my turn to laugh, “No, no, no.  I really mean not enough drama.”  It was a beautiful Thursday afternoon.  I could have felt much happier, if not for that sad, […]

  • A Better Tomorrow – Emotional, And Gripping!

    TK, our partner-in-crime in Movie Review Squad texted Cynthia when we were waiting to board our plane, on New Year’s day, back to Singapore.  I was still on a Zen mode, cut off from any Internet access for more than a week.  And so, after numerous text exchanges between TK and Cynthia discussing the logistics […]

  • The Housemaid – More Than Just A Korean Erotic Thriller

    I remember seeing the movie poster of “The Housemaid” when we were in Hong Kong.  Back then, we picked a Spanish film to watch instead.  I am surprised.  More often than not, films get released in Singapore earlier than in Hong Kong.  When Omy.sg sent me a media invite to preview the movie, I eagerly […]

  • The Blood Pledge – Horror Not For Horror’s Sake, Good Stuff!

    Once in a while, I am handed a free pass to do something I love to do in the evening, alone.  Last Friday, Cynthia has to attend a non-work related workshop.  The first thing I did, like in the past, was to pick a horror film to watch, alone. “The Blood Pledge” is a Korean […]