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  • Confession!

    As the priest placed his hand over my head and said the Prayer of Absolution, I felt an intense sense of warmth from my lower back and up.  A feeling different from the heat and anxiety I have experienced prior and during my Confession.  There was something soothing and peaceful about that warmth originated from […]

  • You are a Good Person (Because You are Born This Way)

    *     *     I     *     * Cynthia, her mother from Indonesia, and I have celebrated All Saints’ Day Sunset Mass at Christ the King last Wednesday evening.  During the sermon and to my surprise, the priest quoted Lady Gaga’s Born this Way.  Cynthia and I, together with the younger […]

  • Assumption Of Mary: A Personal View

    Yesterday, Cynthia and I have celebrated the feast of The Assumption at the Cathedral.  Quite honestly, the Cathedral is likely the most uncomfortable place in Singapore to attend a Mass.  It is warm inside, even in the evening.  The noise from the main streets surrounding the Cathedral can be distracting.  So are the fans inside blowing […]

  • Touched By An Angel

    Auntie Bernadette, we reckon, is around eighty years of age.  She is my Godmother Betty’s best friend and together, they have literally followed our Lord’s teaching: leave all that behind and trust that God provides.  You would have thought that in a country like Singapore, one must have a job and earn a living in […]