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  • Snippet Of My Life Episode 36 – The Songs Of The Bees

    How time flies!  The last Dooku story was told two years ago.  To satisfy your curious mind, Dooku no longer works in an office.  The only thing human about human resource is that: Do you have the arms and legs to do the job?  Oh yes.  And a brain that performs basic functions which may […]

  • Snippet Of My Life Episode 35 – Keep Talking

    Love Those Pictures Unless you are really attractive, I have this tendency to talk to you even if I hardly know you.  That is, despite the fact I am believe it or not, a rather shy person.  I seldom work at the office in town.  But I am there long enough to know that the […]

  • Snippet Of My Life Episode 34 – Love And Obsession

    It is time of the year, when love is in the air.  Valentine’s Day is round the corner, and I have a little something for you towards the end of this entry.  I hope though, you have the patience to read through this. 1. Friendship Matrix Some say no man is an island.  We are […]

  • Snippet Of My Life Episode 33 – How Have You Been?

    There are so many words I want to write.  So many ideas stuck inside that my head figuratively exploded in my bathroom this evening, while I was showering.  Instead of putting shampoo onto my hair, I used shower gel.  It smelt good, it smelt different.  And then I realized that my ‘shampoo’ shouldn’t smell different. […]

  • Snippet Of My Life Episode 32 – Don’t Let That Dumbbell Falls Onto Your Balls!

    “You are much smaller than how I imagine you to be,” said one colleague of mine from India whom I have not met before in real life.  We were having lunch at our office canteen.  It was a bright and sunny day with the glory of the afternoon sun flooded into our dinning hall through […]