My Band “No Eye Candy” Live Performance at Heeren Singapore 2018 (Subtitled at YouTube)

This recording by my brother-in-law Benny Pang and my sister Lora Wong is possibly the best public performance we had with my band No Eye Candy. It was a charity event Music for Hope. Jason Tan was my lead guitarist. Wieke Hartono was our drummer and had decided the pick up the guitar instead. The bassist was Cynthia Arianto, also the vocalist. And I wrote the songs, played the rhythm guitar, and was the main vocalist. Selrol Ng, the now-wife of Jason, was our band manager, and thanks to Selrol, she got us the gig. Wieke had personally arranged our music and she was so creative. Behind the scene, we had a lot of practice sessions including traveling all the way to KL Malaysia to play for our friend Jason Seet seeking his opinion. All songs are original, written by me. We had a great time.

Ah … good old days.

Since I left Hong Kong and studied in the UK, I have always enjoyed making music. I am not good at singing cover songs. I would rather write my own.

My music journey is the witness of my life journey. 162 songs I have written thus far and I want to write more. Play more music.

When I first played my music to my then-colleagues Jason and Jeremy, they were intrigued. We jammed together making music together. Most of the time, Jason would come over to my home, my music studio, and played the guitar while Cynthia would play the guitar. For the longest time, there were the three of us. Other members come and go. Lester the drummer. There was another drummer Chip. He left too. Finally, Wieke an Indonesian joined us as a drummer – a very good one. Though not 100% committed to us as she preferred to play the guitar. She left us too. Middle East. For love. Soon Jason left as he married Selrol our band manager and have kids. And the band has gone into hiatus.

But hey. Life is a journey. It is the memories that we treasure. I always look back at my music career. There have been highs and lows. But never a dull moment.

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