That Jog, It Hurts

Last evening, I fell asleep with my facial mask on at around midnight. On my bed, sat by the headboard. Spotify release radar was playing in the background through my Sonos speaker in the bedroom. Feng Timo‘s 世間美好與你環環相扣 woke me up, in a nice way. I took off my facial mask and ready to go to bed. I was expecting a good sleep. I was also expecting body ache.

I woke up at 3.30 am. The ache was rather uncomfortable. From my hips to my legs. My lung hurt. Even my throat hurt. I must have breathed too hard during my exercise.

So I realized that despite all the walks and the gym workouts, I am actually very unfit. My body hurts. But it is good to realize sooner rather than later. I much enjoy outdoor exercise, sweating it out.

I couldn’t go back to sleep because, after an intense exercise, my mind becomes very alert. That’s just how my body operates. I went to the sofa in the living room and continued my sleep. I had some dreams, which I can’t remember.

6.30 am. The birds chirped. I could try to go back to sleep. Or I could take the opportunity to witness the sunrise.

The sunrise was beautiful. I intend to start the day with some readings. That Obama new book borrowed from the library is very thick. And I am behind schedule. Some catch-ups to do!

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