My Nieces Are Growing Up Fast

It is hard to imagine. Bethany has turned eleven this month and it felt like yesterday when I saw her as a baby.

Eleven years.

On the left, Bethany. On the right, Lydia who is 3 years younger. Both are my nieces.

She has grown up to be a well-behaved girl, which is very much expected of her as I have been observing her since young. All these years, I have been waiting to be able to talk with her. Like having a proper conversation. Today, we did that.

She is now at primary five. She shared with me the subjects at school and the four topics that will be examined – English, Chinese, Science, and Mathematics. I asked what her favorite subjects are and she replied, “It depends on the teacher.”

Initially, I wanted to convince her otherwise. But looking back, in my schooling days, the best teachers are the ones who can inspire and make the most boring subject to be a passionate one – it was religion studies for me, no offense.

Both my nieces Bethany and Lydia are into video gaming these days, which right up my alley. They took out a Nintendo Switch (and unlike some of my bosses who are younger than me, I know what that is) and took turns to show me their games. Pokémon for Lydia, the younger one, and Minecraft for Bethany. By the time Diablo IV comes out, I should be able to recruit Bethany to join me. I am expecting that game to be suitable for people aged 15 and above.

Bethany and I talked about music subject and she told me that she would need to play Ukulele. That again is right up at my ally thanks to my recent Ukulele shopping with Y, I got to learn how to play one. I have volunteered to be Bethany’s music tutor.

Lydia must have sensed that I was having more commonalities with Bethany than with her. So she held my hand as we shop for Bethany’s birthday present, Lydia started to query the food that I like. As it turns out, both of us prefer vegetables to meat (and Lydia reminded me that Bethany’s preference is the other way round). Both of us are not a fan of celery.

Back to the birthday present, Y was right, Bethany wants a new iPhone. She wants a new Apple ID too (she is using her mother’s now). Deep inside, I don’t think she wants anything in particular as a birthday present. We did a bit of shopping and I sensed that she was stressed by having to pick one. Since Bethany is a bookworm – just like when I was young, I have decided to get her an eBook reader instead.

It was a lovely day. One that I have waited quite a bit to happen.

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