When I Attempt to Write Short Pieces – Part III

This is my third attempt at writing short pieces. They were composed between December 18 to 19 this year. The bulk of this work was written before my visit to PS.Cafe. Some were added and others were edited after the visit. This post is dedicated to those who are brave enough to embark on a challenging love journey for it is an experience of a lifetime.

PS. There is a part one and a part two.

Time doesn’t heal
It is what you do over time that may
Healing is not a guaranteed process
Scar may run deep, death may come

Time isn’t a safety net
Story may unfold in the least expected way
Let the universe does her thing
Indulge in this very moment that comes”

“05:34am Metaphorically Speaking” by Wilfrid Wong

I have spoken all that I have
I have done all that I can
All we need is for you to take one step forward
And meet me halfway”

“Please” by Wilfrid Wong

Time is like a pendulum
It swings from one end to another
Time is like a second hand
The end of the cycle is the start of another

But I don’t want either when I’m with you
For I want to freeze those moments
When our hearts and souls become one”

“One” by Wilfrid Wong

Who am I to judge when I am not perfect
Who are you to judge when you don’t know me”

“Listen without Prejudice” by Wilfrid Wong

The norms are for the society
To effectively manage the vast average
You are not an average
Why be confined by the norms?”

“The Norms” by Wilfrid Wong

It is my wish
That you continue to have control
But allow me to work within
Your frame and boundaries

I do not wish to change you
And you shall continue to be
True to your heart
But know that I too to mine
For I can’t deny what my heart desires”

“Wishes” by Wilfrid Wong

You take the same route to work every morning
The same route back home every evening
Wouldn’t it nice
To take a detour every so often
See the road less traveled
Have a little adventure
Explore as kids do
Put those routine thoughts aside
Enjoy the moment
Experience the unexpected
Because this moment you own
Is now”

“Would It Be Nice?” by Wilfrid Wong

The roses in my garden
Bud, blossom, wither
The cycle repeats itself
That’s how I feel
In between the days I see you”

“My Roses” by Wilfrid Wong

Age is catching up on me
There are things I cannot do
But one promise I can make
You will always be in my heart”

“If You Allow” by Wilfrid Wong

Had Romeo not taken the poison
Misjudging that Juliet was dead
My favorite play would have had a happy ending
But then again
We would not have come to know
How intense their love was for each other”

“R & J” by Wilfrid Wong

I went into a deep sleep
There was no dream to remind me
What my mind has gone through

All I remember is
This overwhelming sense of happiness
So, thank you”

“Gamsahabnida” by Wilfrid Wong

Time does not heal
Kisses do”


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