Twilight, Forever! An Epic Finale

Finally.  5 years of anticipation.  Breaking Dawn Part 2 is upon us.  Just how high is my expectation?  As high as Bella can jump with her new found vampiric power.

Twilight Saga has always been the highlight of the tail end of my year.  At the epic ending, I did not hear selective audience bellowing in pain like last year.  Instead, the pair of Javanese girls sitting beside Cynthia went “This is so sweeeeeeet!  This is so sweeeeeeet!” non-stop.  As the audience slowly filtered out of the theater, still holding onto whatever Twilight fever that lingered, a large group of girls no less then twenty were taking photographs to commemorate the completion of this 5 years journey.  Throughout the movie, the audience laughed in unison, clapped hands at the triumphant moments.  The love to the Twilight was felt everywhere, in this enclosed environment.  Is Breaking Dawn Part 2 really the end?  I mean, out of nowhere, that hobbits infested franchise Lord of the Ring has sprung out a new movie The Hobbit, hasn’t it?  I don’t know.  Thinking that Twilight Saga has finally ended leaves a hole in my heart.  What am I going to look forward to same time next year?

Initially, I questioned the wisdom of splitting Breaking Dawn into two parts.  Having watched part two, I believe it is a necessity.  The mood is completely different.  Part one was a struggle, on Bella’s side of the story.  She was pregnant, with a ‘demonic’ child of an unknown status.  Half human and half vampire.  Bella was also at her weakest, weaker than even her human form from episode one to three.  It was painful to watch, not because the story is terrible.  But the entire struggle is painful.

Now, in part two, Bella has finally become a vampire.  A wish that she has stated in the first installment.  A proposal made by Edward with a condition in New Moon.  An agreement to Edward’s terms in Eclipse by Bella.  And in her dying moment, a bite that concluded in Breaking Dawn Part 1.  I have waited 5 long years to see Bella transformed into a powerful vampire, breaking free the human frailty that has made her so vulnerable in the large part of this saga despite her strong human will.  I want to see what she can do, how the character emerges in this final installment.  Breaking Dawn Part 2 delivers.

There are still the legendary kisses between Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson in this final episode.  Taylor Lauther once again takes off his shirt and has won swoon from the female crowd.  There is more character development on the expanded vampire reinforcement.  The Volturi – powerful vampire coven – looks deadly as ever.  The werewolf pack is there, albeit having a much lesser role to play in this last episode.  Almost all the human characters are gone, saved for a few.  This is a battle between the vampires.  Those who have missed any of the previous episodes would likely not able to follow the plot as the narrator makes little effort in recapping the past.  But the fans would love this climax ending.  The generally depressing and at times desperate overture is gone.  Now is time for the glory.

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  1. Glad you like it. I stopped at Eclipse but will find time to catch on both parts of Breaking Dawn on DVD. Except for the first movie, I didn’t feel the same with the other two. but if this is a fitting grand finale, I’ll be sure to watch it. Once I start something I must finish it. I am glad all these twilight saga is ending as it seems exhausting watching Pattinson and Stewart go on and on about it!

    • JoV – Long time no see!

      I must make it a point to connect with bloggers more often. Now, often spend my time in Google+ instead.

      For the fans, I believe that is a fitting grand finale. But then again, one actually walked out because she did not like the more comical and lighthearted approach to the finale.

      As for me, I am a Stewart fan. I just find Pattinson a bit too thin hehe.

      • I think it’s ok that you are in Google+, I’m hardly on my own blog too as well, I wouldn’t expect anyone should !
        Oh I don’t like two-timing Stewart. I think she should maintain a better integrity. At least Pattinson has more integrity and is gracious enough to accept her back.

        Who guarantee she won’t do it again?

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