I’ve Got Your Number By Sophie Kinsella – You Know What To Expect, Don’t You?

Chick-lit can be extremely entertaining, even for guys.  None of my guy friends seems to believe me though.  Oh, whatever.  When I saw Kinsella’s new book selling at the airport during my Malaysia business trip, I almost impulsively grabbed a copy.  Almost.  I resisted and reserved a copy at my library online instead.  My patience has been handsomely rewarded and I’ve Got Your Number arrived right before my trip to Bandung, Indonesia.  Hooray!

Note: As you can see, this entry has been written quite some time ago.

At times I wonder: how many different plots one can spin out of women crisis, wedding and engagement, issues with guys and guys’ family, and falling in and out of love.  Surprisingly, the Sophie Kinsella formula still sells.

Poppy, a physiotherapist, loses her engagement ring at a charity party.  To make things worse, she loses her phone too.  How can one live without a phone these days?  Out of nowhere, she has found a phone in a bin, still in working condition.  She then shares this new number with the hotel staff, in case someone finds her ring.  Just when Poppy thinks that she can now focus on recovering her ring, the phone rings.  The phone belongs to the PA of a businessman called Sam and he wants it back.

Poppy does not want to return the phone, yet.  And she makes a bargain to forward any corporate emails and messages to Sam as soon as they arrive.  On several counts, Poppy has proven to be quite a helpful assistant and Sam tolerates this temporary arrangement until Poppy’s ring is found.  Needless to say, this situation turns out to be quite a mess with Poppy’s personal messages mixed with Sam’s corporate messages and the correspondence between the two.  How far can one resist not reading into other people’s messages?  (Not far)  How much can one know about a person by reading others responses about him or her?  (Not much in fact)

I’ve Got Your Number is a fun and light read.  There is a contrast between Poppy’s warm and helpful character to Sam’s curt and business-like character.  Sophie Kinsella’s secret recipe, I believe, is her ability to create an intelligent plot and characters and yet bring it down to a level whereby everyone can relate and laugh about.  This book is slightly different from her previous standalone books in a way that it is full of emails and messages going to and fro between the characters.  It is certainly relevant to our current mode of communication.  I wonder how the readers in the future – say 100 years from now – would react when texts and emails are no longer the norm of communication.  Sophie Kinsella has not fully embraced social networking in her stories yet.  It is going to be a matter of time, I reckon, now that she is pretty active in Facebook.  One of my previous comments about Kinsella’s works is that there is hardly any character development on the male characters.  This book seems to have done a better job in that regard.

While the bulk of I’ve Got Your Number is fun and light, I must admit there is a high dosage of melodramatic moments that only girls can fully appreciate, especially towards the end.  My brain was literally fried with an overwhelming amount of sweetness.  Knowing what genre I am getting myself into, I am not going to complain, not even the slightest.  If you like any of her previous books, especially the standalone ones, this one is not to be missed.  As always, I am looking forward to reading her next book.

PS. What’s up with the footnotes appearing everywhere in the book?  I actually quite like it. Cynthia is having a headache reading them though.  Ha ha ha.


2 responses to “I’ve Got Your Number By Sophie Kinsella – You Know What To Expect, Don’t You?”

  1. Ahh.. you finally read it! I like those footnotes though and I like the pop culture reference, she is fast to pick up the social trends and spin a good chick lit story. She is the only chick lit writer I’ll ever read!

    • JoV – Yes! Finally!

      And same here. She is the only chick-lit write I’d ever read, and ever enjoy reading!

      I need another Kinsella fix. She has to write faster!

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