The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 – A Deeper Look Into The Saga Thus Far

Cue to perfection, at the very nanosecond that this show was ended, the dude next to me bellowed in pain.  For a good ten or twenty seconds, I wasn’t counting.  It could well be half a minute.  I was giggling.  I could feel his pain, even though I could not relate.  Like having 117 minutes of his life utterly wasted, not going to get it back.  And then he screamed with his face and hands offered skyward, “Thissss issss teeeerrrriiiibbbbleeee!”  His two female companions next to him broke into laughter.  And I too laughed out loud as he switched back to the bellowing mode.  Cynthia did not catch on initially.  But when she did, she too laughed along.  Poor guy.  He should have been indoctrinated before watching any Twilight movie.  We Twilight followers are like movie cultists.  There isn’t even a discussion on which Twilight installment is better.  It is irrelevant.  To give you an analogy, Gossip Girl [guy] fans will not say season 3 is the best because there is a threesome scene involving Hilary Duff.  A true Gossip Girl fan would love every season, every episode.  In the eyes of a true Twihard, the entire saga is like a wondrous feast that spans five long years.  Five long years of anticipation and we are so close to climax.  I hope there will be a climax in 2012 when this saga ends.  Because “Breaking Dawn: Part 1” is neither a foreplay nor a climax.  The first three installments – “Twilight”, “New Moon”, and “Eclipse” – are foreplay.  Should the two kiss, should they not?  Should the two have sex, should they not?  Twihards are treated like a rubber band, played by the filmmakers.  This formula has been successful because if for a moment you think Twilight saga is a series of movies on vampires and werewolves, you are misinformed.  Twilight Saga is a teenage romance story, a soap opera.  And on that note, I sincerely hope that “Part Two” will blow our Twihard minds away.  Give us the climax please!

Now, how Stephenie Meyer murdered the lore of vampires and werewolves is, in my opinion, unforgivable.  It gets worse in “Part 1”.  Of course, I could be bias in taking Ann Rice’s work as canon.  To my best knowledge [of the lore], vampires don’t have the desire to have sex with humans.  They may seduce humans because they have desire for human’s blood.  Sex among vampires is merely an exchange of blood, and their memories.  In the world according to the writer Meyer, vampire and human can have sex, in a humanly way.  The catch is, because vampire is so much stronger, the human may be killed (or crushed I suppose)  in the process.  Bear in mind that in previous episodes, vampire and human have no problem frolicking in the wood, flying from tree tops to tree tops.  No one gets crushed.  But sex, however, is dangerous and can be deadly.  Even a werewolf knows as he (or it) confronts the vampire on this very private matter (how come he knows?)  What is more gruesome is the sex after.  I will not go into details.  All I can say is that if there is one morale of the story filmmakers have quite successfully imparted onto our teen viewers’ hearts, that would be: Sex is bad and marriage is the end of romance.

If you are to ask a Twilight fan: Would you like this “Part 1” condensed into a 10 minutes clip and combine that into “Part 2” or would you like to watch a 117 minutes “Part 1” and wait another year for “Part 2”?  I think most would prefer the latter.  It is true.  The entire “Part 1” can be told in 10 minutes.  The story for this part 1 is not complex.  It is a miracle that this small plot can be expanded into a 117 minutes long show.  Team Jacob should be delighted for “Part 1”.  The werewolf Jacob scores big (‘score’ not in an urban sense).  It is a delight to finally see him coming out of his character, to be something closer to greatness.  Good job, Jacob.  Team Edward, unfortunately, would have nothing to cheer about.  Edward is so skinny, and pale.  His contribution to “Part 1” is minimal.  Personally I am happy.  Because I am Team Bella.  This movie is all about Bella.  Her decision making, her perseverance, and her will to overcome the unthinkable.  Bella, if I were you, I would dump that loser vampire of yours and hang out with the dogs, or wolves more.

I am a hardcore Twilight fan, indoctrinated by Cynthia on the Christmas Eve of 2008.  The year after, we forced our friend TK to watch “New Moon” with us and that did not go well.  He bellowed like the dude sitting next to me on “Part 1”.  Lesson learned, we watched “Eclipse” on our own.  It is impossible to dive into an installment midway without watching all the previous ones (or to skip any for that matter).  So, friends, you have one whole year to catch up with all Twilight installments before the Saga’s climatic (I hope) finish – “Breaking Dawn Part 2”.


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  1. I have read all the 4 books. The first instalment, Twilight, caught me breathless. With the piano playing and having a conversation on the tree top and the sound tracks are all superb. Until new moon, everything came crashing down. Even the director is not the same as the one that made the first, same goes for the music score writers (first one was by Carter Burwell), it is not the same for both movies.

    Look at the view, the music, and Edward playing the piano! Here’s my favourite scene, I could watch it again and again:

    Familiarity may breed contempt. I doubt the amazing feeling of watching Edward and Bella for the first time in “Twilight” will ever be surpassed by the other movies in the series. 🙂

    • Amelia – You read … the books?! From what I have heard, they are not very good as in, not even close to literature. What would you think?

      I suspect Cynthia may agree with you on the movie installments. I am a man. I can’t tell one installment from another. All I am aware of is that the vampire Alice is very hot. And I enjoy watching her doing her things.

      If I was the scriptwriter, I would have Edward and Bella divorced each other. They split, and live miserably. Bella marries the wolf man instead. But then heroic circumstance pulls Edward and Bella together and their romance once again sparkle, with an ultimate sacrifice like Romeo and Juliet.

      That would beat the 1st installment.

      OK, I know you’ve read the books. Please don’t tell me the ending, as yet hahaha.

      • Well, Hollywood tried that. Edward and Bella split for awhile (That’s why the movie New Moon was a flop) and they got back together. Who wants to watch the two being miserable, especially young adults?

        and the ending is…….. ludicrous. If they follow closely to what the final book has written, Jacob is a paedophile! 😉

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