15 Pairs Of Transformers 3 Tickets To Giveaway!

Note: Due to the overwhelming enthusiasm on Transformers 3 and I know some of you are eager to know if you will need to book next week’s tickets (when TF 3 opens), I am closing this contest today (Jun 24).  Winners will be contacted by email.  Thank you for your strong support and participation.  Stay tuned for more contests!

That’s right!  I woke up one day and found a stack of movie tickets to giveaway, courtesy of STAR Movies VIP Access.  15 of my lucky readers in Singapore will be watching the highly anticipated Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon on 28th June, The Cathay, at 6.45pm, in 3D, with a partner of your choice.  Yes, three Dee!  The story goes something like this.  One night I was fast asleep.  All of a sudden, one transformer crashed into my bedroom, woke me up, passed me an envelope and said, “This is good stuff!”  Before I could yell, “Hey, where in the world is Megan Fox?”  It turned into a table lamp and jumped off the window.  I opened the envelop and found 15 pairs of tickets.  Good things must be shared.  Hence, this contest.

To enter the contest, all you need to do is to drop me an email at with your name and submit your answers to the 4 questions below.  You don’t need to get any of the 4 questions right to win this contest so please don’t waste time and Google for the answers. I am looking for genuine attempt and creative answers.  My hope is that I can extract some of the outstanding ones to share on a latter day.  Something like I rub your back and you rub mine.  OK?

This contest will be closed on Jun 25, 2011 (Saturday). Winners will be contacted via email on the next day (Sunday).  Unless there is an overwhelming response, tickets will be handed out on a first-come, first-served basis, with priority given to those who have taken a moment and answered the questions.  If however the response is much higher than expected, I will turn this into a lucky draw with the same priority applied.  Are you ready?

  1. Which planet do the Transformers come from? A) Azeroth, B) Krypton, C) Cybertron, D) The Moon, or E) Qo’noS.
  2. Why can’t Bumblebee talk?
  3. When you learned that Megan Fox is replaced by a 24 years’ old 5 feet 9 Victoria’s Secret model as Sam’s new love interest, what was your first reaction?
  4. In my drawing below titled “Autobots versus Decepticons”, which side is going to win and why?

*     *     *     *     *

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20 thoughts on “15 Pairs Of Transformers 3 Tickets To Giveaway!

    1. Wilfrid Post author

      Lora – Thanks for your participation! The drawing is cute eh? Heh. Took me a while to research on what transformers look like. Because I have neither watch any Transformers movies nor watch any of the cartoon series.

      1. Mark

        OMG! You have not watched any of the movies? What happened to your childhood? I grew up with Transformers, Superfriends, M.A.S.K. and He-man. Then of course I transitioned to TV series like Wonder Woman, Xena and Dark Angel 😛

        1. Wilfrid Post author

          Mark – Nope. Mama said, TV no good for study. So we wiped that off the activity list.

          I have no clue on what Superfriends, MASK and He-man are about hahaha. Neat eh?

  1. Raina J. Gang

    Huaaa…. I can not tell you how frustrated I feel right now
    We don’t get to watch any good movie anymore, here in Indonesia! 🙁
    No transformer, no Pirates of Caribbean, No Green Lantern, No Priest. Aaaarrrggghhh!!!
    I would really really love to join the contest and get the free tickets and… it would “only” cost me the plane ticket :)) Hahaha!
    Anyway, I’m happy for you and Cynthia!

    1. Wilfrid Post author

      Raina – I feel you! One thing that Singapore is pretty good at is to bring in the Western movies rather quickly. But personally I still don’t like the censorship hahaha.

      Oh well … Great Singapore Sales is on right now … maybe that plane ticket could be put into greater use?

    1. Wilfrid Post author

      J – Absolutely. Please also send in your friend’s name and email address and make sure he or she can make it on that day! Heh. Best of luck!

            1. Wilfrid Post author

              J – But still, there is so much technical details in it! I mean, I doubt if girlfriends or wives would know much about, say, Warcraft, if their boyfriends or husbands are in it but they are not.

  2. Si ying

    Thanks for the tickets 😉 My sister won it and I went to watch with her. I hope you have a chance to catch it too? Its cool/great stuff (!) though I never catch Part 1 nor 2 before this (I think I am going to try watch Part 1, which everyone said its their favourite) and I love the soundtracks.

    1. Wilfrid Post author

      Si Ying – Good to hear that you and your sister have enjoyed the movie outing and thanks for dropping a line here 🙂 You know, I have not seen any Transformer movies (or even cartoons) before. Looks like I may need to check it out some time … hahaha.


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