Lamma Island, Hong Kong – A Short Trek Between The Villages Of Yung Shue Wan And Sok Kwu Wan

This post is dedicated to my buddy Alex in Hong Kong for making our short trip so much more colorful.  Thank you buddy!  We shall arrange a trip to visit Macau some time in the not so far future, preferably one that coincides with a concert of a superstar (read: Ayumi Hamasaki).

We have visited Lamma Island in the winter of 2006.  Now that I have a relatively better, bigger, and heavier camera, I was eager to visit Lamma Island again.  So much have happened in these four years.  My sister is now in Singapore, married, and having a beautiful daughter.  If she was with us in our recent trip to Hong Kong, I reckon I would not end up trekking alone.  But it was a warm day and the walk from one village to another seemed daunting.  So, my mother and Cynthia have decided to stay put at Yung Shue Wan while the hero of this story – armed with a heavy camera and some Hong Kong dollars – continued his journey to Sok Kwu Wan.

Lamma Island, in contrary to my initial impression, is not tiny.  There are two ferry stations that connect Lamma Island with Central at Hong Kong Island.  One is at Yung Shue Wan – where we landed.  And another one is at Sok Kwu Wan – where I intended to go.  The walk between these two villages take 1 hour and 10 minutes, so said the signpost.  That is brisk walking I reckon.  Towards the end of the two and a half hours hike, I was jogging only stopped to take photos.  I would not want to miss the 5.35 pm ferry and spend another 90 minutes or so waiting for the next one.

Lamma Island is beautiful.  I took a detour, hiked up the hill, and visited a wind power station that has a lone wind turbine.  The mechanical sound of a wind turbine is hard to describe and has to be experienced.  What a strange noise in an otherwise serene environment, one of the last frontiers against modernization.  I have visited Hung Shing Yeh beach too, beautiful babes in bikinis.  If I had more time, I would love to visit other parts of the island.  To read more about my adventure, I have prepared a set of photos for sharing.

  • Click here to view the 39 photos that come with captions.
  • A quick look at a selected set of photos below.

7 responses to “Lamma Island, Hong Kong – A Short Trek Between The Villages Of Yung Shue Wan And Sok Kwu Wan”

    • JoV – Wow, you are certainly fast. I just clicked published like a while ago … hahaha.

      I am not sure what your current photography skill is like (haven’t seen much yet). But it is really no rocket science. Just tons of practice 🙂

      • and loads of money to buy great lenses and stuff! LOL. 😀
        I capture pictures in right angle and stuff, but can’t do much with a compact camera.

        • JoV – Yes, the entire package can cost quite a bit 🙂 For me, I happen to be the disciplined type. I buy what I want / need and stop there. As of today, I have 2 good lenses that cover the genres I am interested in shooting, 1 good body and flash system, and 1 good tripod. Compact camera does has its limitation. Time to do some serious savings? 🙂

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