The Internet Is A Playground By David Thorne – An Insanely Fun And Bizarre Read

I suppose if one is to publish a book based on what he or she writes in his or her website, the book would look something like “The Internet Is A Playground”.  I have no idea if the materials are factual.  What it does indicate is that the author David Thorne lives in Australia and there are quite a fair bit of reference to that country.  Hence, some of you may be able to relate to the book better than I do.  Nevertheless, majority of the materials are hilarious (those that I got it).  One evening, inside a Japanese restaurant while waiting for our food to arrive, I showed Cynthia some chapters from the book.  She read, I read again with her, and we had a good laugh.  Half of the book contains email correspondence between the author and his neighbor, colleagues, his son’s teacher, and etc.  Looking at face value of these emails, I would say the author is pretty annoying, may even perceive as a bully in the Internet space.  I for sure would not know how to correspond if he writes to me.  Having said that, if you read between the lines, the author writes with good wit and humor.  Usually there is a point he wishes to make, but not directly.  It is fun to read it as a third party.  Hence the book title.

Interestingly, some readers point out that the entire book can be read from his website.  I have not got the time to trace the chapters and verify.  The website appears to have a better layout, contain links to external sites (that Tower Defense online game is insanely fun), and have extra materials (or was I reading too fast?).  So, why would one want to buy the book?  I suppose if you are going on a trip where Internet access is not convenient or if you are having a vocation and the last place on Earth you wish to visit is the Internet, it is good to grab a copy and have a good laugh.  Be prepared for some original hilarious stuffs that blow your mind away.

External Link: The Author’s 27b/6 Website


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  1. HAHA i randomly picked and read one article abt his neighbour’s party. i certainly hope he didnt write those emails (and to irritate his neighbour?)!

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