Inception – Into Subconscious and Dream Whereby Logic Supposes To Dissolve

The idea is tantalizing.  Imagine being able to architect your dream, bring others into your dream or trespass into others’ dreams, and if you wish to retain certain fond memories of the past, lock them up inside your head and visit them as often as you like.  On the surface, “Inception” appears to be a movie with an original idea that is rarely seen since the days of “The Matrix”.  If writer, producer, and director Christopher Nolan was to release the film 10 years ago – when the script was first completed – some may find the resemblances to “The Matrix” hard to ignore.  Fortunately, it is 2010.

The beauty of “Inception” is the writer’s ability to create a fantasy world with a set of rules driven by logic.  Some of these rules are intriguing.  For those who watch “Inception” the first time, no doubt it would be a memorable journey.  You could be too busy absorbing new ideas without pondering upon those illogical moments.  While in “The Matrix”, we may relegate the unanswerable questions to a Higher Being (philosophically speaking), the same cannot be said for “Inception” – for it is men who invent the dream machine.  At times I wonder: Is it a good idea to build logic into dream and subconscious in the first place?

I have heard a lot of praises for Leonardo DiCaprio’s performance in “Inception”.  I would say other actors and actresses such as Marion Cotillard and Ellen Page are equally brilliant.  This film is loaded with stars, and special effects.  It is a solid two and a half hours of entertainment.  And you would probably walk out of the theater with more questions than answers, while thoroughly entertained of course.


  1. I watched this over the weekend but unfortunately, i was asleep during most parts of the movie because I was so tired.

    One thing the bf and I couldn’t really figure out was why his wife kept appearing in the dreams.

    I have to agree that Leonardo’s acting was really good.
    I marveled at how he transformed during my secondard school days when I watch him in Romeo and Juliet!

    Have to say Ellen Page looking so pint sized seemed a little odd to me! Maybe it’s just me!

    1. G – You felt asleep?! You ought to watch it again, ha ha ha.

      I suppose his wife is merely a projection of his subconscious. If he doesn’t let it go, she would keep popping up in his dream? Just my interpretation.

      There are many things I cannot figure out. Like how does that dream machine (inside the briefcase) work? Any untrained people can use it (it appears so)? And how do you fabricate such a machine inside a dream so that you can jump the level?

      Ellen Page is pretty petite, if that is what you mean. Oh, I love her performance in Juno. I am a fan!

  2. Agree that it’s a GREAT movie, potentially my Movie of the Year.

    Totally agree that Leo’s acting here is very good. The best moment in the whole movie was when he woke up on the plane, anxious to quickly establish whether he was awake or dreaming. His facial expression was unbelievably realistic to me.

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